Chiang Mai 2015 : The Legend of A Vegan – Day 4: Sleep Guest House + Green Bamboo Massage + Muay Thai

 On our fourth day in Chiang Mai, we moved to a new accommodation which is quite popular on, called Sleep Guesthouse. 

So after an early breakfast, we took a song thaew to Sleep Guesthouse, it’s one of those industrial theme guesthouse which is run by a lovely couple. The services and help rendered was excellent as they were very hospitable and amiable.

Address: Moon Muang 7 A Alley, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand

This location is fantastic as it is near several vegan and vegetarian cafes and restaurants. It is also within walking distance to NAMO Chiang Mai, a community space for yoga and massage.

At every corner of the street, you will be able to find a food stalls selling healthy fruit juices and shakes.

The Thai lady owner of Sleep Guesthouse recommended a good massage place near the guesthouse and we decided to give it a try. It’s called Somphet massage and since it is less well-known among tourists, we didn’t have to wait or to make an advance booking.

We did a foot massage and I had a really good masseuse who knew where to add the right amount of pressure to those tight pressure points on the soles of my feet.

After a good foot massage, we had lunch at The Tea Tree. It’s a true blue vegan restaurant that serves generous portions of food.

For the hippies.

Chai Latte and Green Tea Latte

Raw veggie platter with humus

Raw vegan rice spring rolls with shredded vegetables

It’s one of the best vegan meals we had in Chiang Mai. If only I could open a vegan cafe like this in Singapore… and start a green food movement…

Fresh salads…everywhere!

As we explored the area near Moon Muang, we found all these treasures….

NAMO Chiang Mai
They offer massage courses too.

More juice and smoothies bar…

We went back to Green Bamboo Massage for more massages… I know right… I think we are getting too lazy in this trip.

I had a body oil massage which is so good that I wish to come back again… for more!

We finally check-in and we were very happy with our rooms and comfy beds!

Basic toiletries like shampoo and bath soap are provided.

We walked pass Aum Vegetarian restaurant and decided to give it a try and who knows, we met Freelee the Banana girl and Durianrider dining over there. For a moment, I was so starstruck that I couldn’t stop telling Vanessa how surprise I was to have found them there.

Aum vegetarian Restaurant

Tailandia, 319 Mun Mueang Rd, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand

They seemed quite nice and I told them that I was inspired by their videos to try vegan food and their RawTill4 lifestyle. I really wonder what it is like to meet people whom you’ve inspired. One day, I hope to be that person who made a positive influence to others.

I ordered a glass noodle salad while Vanessa had her vegetarian burger.

We ordered juices too.

While walking back to our guesthouse, I saw a Muay Thai Ticketing booth and was so intrigued by it since Vanessa didn’t mind taking a look, we just bought the tickets and went in to watch a Muay Thai match.

We paid 400 baht for each ticket and since we were early, we had good seats. The crowd consisted mainly of tourists. There were several matches for that evening but we decided to watch only up to 2 to 3 matches as we wanted to catch a good night rest as we have a long day ahead tomorrow. The most exciting match was the one between 2 young teenage girls. 
Girl power. ROAR!

I always thought that Muay Thai wrestlers are all equally buff and muscular but I guess it’s a misconception because some looked rather lean and trim but that doesn’t mean that they don’t possess the strength and agility to fight.

Although the ticket states that the show starts at 9 pm, the matches actually started only when the crowd came in. By then, it was already close to 10 pm.

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