A couple of weeks ago, I was at an opening launch of Shou Slimming’s new outlet at One Raffles. It’s a one-of-a-kind slimming centre that uses the combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine and western treatments to help with body contour and weight loss.

Over there, I chanced upon their brand new product called Coffee Svelte. It’s not just another slimming beverage that I want to share about it here. The reason why I would like to share about this product is the fact that this coffee is made from all natural ingredients extracted from plants. In addition, there is no addition of milk which make this product vegan-friendly.

This all-natural slimming coffee is designed to complement with the slimming treatments offered at Shou Slimming Centre. And it’s active ingredients which includes green coffee and garcinia.


Ingredients: Green coffee, Guar Gym, Inulin, Garcenia, L-Carinitine, Green Tea Extract, Citrus Aurantium, Vitamin E, Conjugated Linoleic acid

Drink this perk-me-up coffee before breakfast. Mix the sachet with 200 ml of warm water only, avoid using hot water as it might destroy some of the active ingredients like vitamin E. Thus, I prefer to drink it cold most of the time by adding some ice cubes in it.

 It works mainly to stimulate metabolism which would encourage the body to expend more calories. In fact, everytime I finish a cup of it, my heart rate would soar up and I felt energetic. And it had helped me alot to curb my appetite. It does get the metabolic rate up and I really like the fact that it doesn’t contain any milk and processed sugar and yet it tastes exactly like milk coffee. In fact, caffeinated beverages sold outside are usually high in fat and sugar due to the addition of milk and processed sugar.

 On top of that, green coffee is rich in antioxidants and the caffeine present is known to promote thermogenesis or calorie burning. Paired with regular exercise and a healthy diet, it would help you achieve weight loss more efficiently. In fact, it’s a healthy beverage that is great for anyone even if it’s not for the sole purpose of losing weight.

One box of Coffee Svelte (30 Sachets) retails a $248 and it is available at all Shou Slimming outlets.

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