Feet Haven: Foot Reflexology for the Weary Feet

After being out of Singapore and travelling almost for a month, my feet was aching from all the walking about. So when I am back in Singapore, I was glad to be invited to Feet Haven for a 45-minute relaxing foot massage. 
I visited their outlet in Serangoon gardens which is situated on the second floor, just right above Cedele. It wasn’t too difficult to find as the signage was prominent.

Upon entering the place, the lights were very dim and the ambiance was perfect to catch some sleep as you are being massaged by the masseuse. 

Though it’s a small and rather cozy place, it’s clean and tidy. It’s also rather basic in terms of amenities and ambiance. But the place was conducive as it was quiet. 
I had a female masseuse who attended to me and she was quite skillful as she uses just sufficient strength to massage the various foot massage pressure points to relieve tension. She uses a cream-based product to massage on my legs and feet though I would have prefer massage oils that has lesser friction produced on my skin.
45 minutes passed by very quickly and before I knew it, time was up though I wish she could have massage a little more. It wasn’t the best foot reflexology I had as compared to the ones I had back in Chiangmai, Thailand but those precious 45 minutes is exactly what I need to feel relax again.
Feet Haven offers foot and body massages too. 
Feet Haven @ Katong is opened for 24 hours.
Feet Haven @ Serangoon Gardens
4A Maju Ave S556682 
Tel: +65 62882314 or +65 96566947

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