Gangnam Laser Clinic: Mother’s Day Facial

This was done about a month back where I was invited back for another express laser facial session but this time I brought my mum along as a treat for Mother’s day.

She’s reaching her sixties but she still has rather good skin for her age. Her concerns are pigmentation and sagging of the skin. Unlike my skin concerns, hers is generally related to skin aging problems. Thus, this express laser treatment can be administered to most skin types. And it is important to communicate this with the aesthetic doctor so that the treatment would be more targeted and results would be more apparent. 
Whether it is acne, pigmentation, fine lines or sagging, lasers are somehow able to do the trick.

Before each treatment, the face would have to be cleansed.

 My mum sharing all her skin problems and concerns with Dr.Daniel Chang. Both consultation and laser treatment are done by certified aesthetic doctors.
 As females, we are always in the pursuit of flawless skin. Whether we are 16 or 60…

Each laser facial consists of 2 types of laser and 1 post-treatment. 

1. Laser Toning
This treatment targets the deeper layers of the skin and stimulate collagen production, tightening and toning the skin.
My mum was a little apprehensive at first as she thought that it will be painful. But there isn’t much to fear as it’s just a tingling sensation on the skin. In fact, no numbing cream is needed. If it is unbearable and causes you to feel queasy, you can request for a lower intensity. However, the results wouldn’t be that obvious if the intensity is reduced. But as your skin gets used to the sensation and feels less painful, the doctor will progressively increase the intensity every subsequent visit. The pain isn’t excruciating but seriously, ‘no pain, no gain’.
2. Skin rejuvenation (Micro Laser)
This micro laser doesn’t involve any contact with the skin but you will feel tiny strong laser beams raining down on your face. It’s a resurfacing or micro peeling laser that targets the surface later removing dull and dead cells from the skin’s surface. Thus, you have that nice Gangnam glow right after this facial which will last for about 3 days.
3. Post treatment mask

Your skin will still be feeling tingly after the treatment and that’s when the post treatment mask is needed to soothe the skin and it help subside any redness appearing on the skin. The mask is made from Korea.

My mum was quite surprised as to how quick the facial is (less than 30 minutes) and the fact that there was no downtime! She claims that her skin texture felt the same but I swear that her skin appear brighter especially a day after the facial. I am just glad that she enjoyed this little pampering session.

It isn’t too late if you decide to treat yourself and your skin a little better. Whether you are 16 or 60, nothing is ever too late.

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