Greendot @ Westgate Mall : My Favourite Vegan/Vegetarian Food Hangout

I am thankful for my bunch of friends who accepted my vegan/vegetarian way of life because eating out with them now is made much easier when they are willing to compromise and even making the effort to try vegetarian or vegan food with me. Now, with greater vegetarian options available in most cafes and restaurants, I must say that it isn’t too difficult to survive in Singapore as a vegan or vegetarian. With more people joining the bandwagon of the ‘eating clean movement’,  salad bars and vegan cafes are getting really popular like this eatery called Greendot that rocks my socks!

I’ve frequented their new outlet at Westgate Shopping Mall, right beside Jurong East MRT and I’ve been their loyal customer ever since. It’s crazily delicious – at least to me, who is rather hesistant of trying Chinese-style vegetarian dishes with mock meat till I found Greendot.

I always had this impression that Chinese vegetarian dishes aren’t that nutritious because of the use of mock meat which contains some artificial ingredients. Though here at Greendot, they do add mock meat but it is kept to a rather small portion for most dishes. Instead, they have a good portion of fresh vegetables like shredded carrots, cucumber and bean sprouts.

Their menu is rather extensive and very information. It actually state which dishes are suitable for vegans or vegetarians. I’ve tried their signature Herbal Noodles and Tom Yam Mushroom Bowl with brown rice. Both were equally good.

I was lured back to Greendot again but this time I’ve tried their Laksa which I haven’t had it since I became vegetarian. Goodness gracious! It tasted so darn good (maybe because I miss that Laksa taste.)

This would be my favourite vegan/vegetarian hangout place. Do say hi if you see me around!

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