Rarer Than Rare

Rings encrusted with diamonds symbolizes everlasting love.
Why diamonds?
It’s rare stone.
And it is the hardest material on earth.
Even ancient people knew it long ago.
The word ‘diamond’ is derived from the Greek word adámas  which means unbreakable.
You will need another diamond to cut a diamond.
It sparkles and glitters with a mere reflection of light.
It’s almost like the shining stars hanging in the dark sky.
Its brilliance can be blinding.
It becomes so precious when it possesses that crystalline perfection in the eyes of the jeweler.
Perhaps, size does matters.
That’s because bigger diamonds are rarer.
The most expensive diamond anniversary rings on Anjolee is the luxurious diamond ring.
Source: Anjolee.com
Metal Type: White Gold
Carat: 3.61
Price: $7,626.28
This ring may not be the most expensive one on earth.
And I couldn’t help but wonder if there is anything more expensive that a diamond.
What is rarer than rare?

Perhaps it’s a thing that is isn’t available in the market place.
Perhaps it’s also something that no shop has even possess it.
Or maybe…
A thing that can’t be sold.
Perhaps it can’t even be bought.
Perhaps it’s intangible.
There’s only one thing.
That this one thing is rarer than rare.
It was even mentioned in the Bible.
Little did we know that the most precious and rare things in life actually comes for free.
A wedding band encrusted with diamonds don’t mean a thing without love.

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