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I’ve noticed there’s a swooping number of aesthetic boutiques and beauty salons that sprung up in Singapore. Are we becoming more and more like the Koreans who yearn for flawless beauty? Having a wad of cash in your pocket is not good enough because looking good and presentable is more important. Talking about first impressions – we are all about looking at our best – piling up whatever branded items you have on yourself and go for countless anti-aging facials to go against time. Whatever it is, we are seemingly becoming more and more superficial, examining only on the outer shell.

You have that porcelain skin even a teardrop would run smoothly down across your cheeks. It’s perfect already, you thought. That was the naive me then. But I’m not, especially with my pigmentation that is hidden beneath my skin, ready to show up once I hit my thirties. Oh good heavens, thirties are nearing and my youthful twenties are soon to be gone. Some suggested skin whitening and anti-pigmentation products at this point but there aren’t penetrative and skin-deep. What’s going to help me reduce those melanin production is LIGHT. I found LIGHT at Skin Shape Club and let me tell you how it goes about.

I am entitled to four sessions of Skin Shape Facial.
It’s a 30 minutes-only facial.
You can call it a multi-purpose facial.
Whether it’s acne, pigmentation or wrinkles,
It’s there to add sprinkles
To your lovely-shaped face.
Your skin will be treated by a machine
That uses Light and Heat energy (LHR technology) (FDA-approved)
That sends light beams into your skin deep
The light triggers a biochemical process in the skin 
That bring about skin rejuvenation, collagen renewal and acne clearance.

Upon entering the treatment room, you will be served a refreshing cup of tea before treatment. 


Then comes the treatment where it was not painful at all except the bright flashes of light and a slight warm sensation felt on the skin when the pulses of light are administered. The bright flashes of light can be rather shocking but as compared to IPL, this treatment is considered rather mild. 
I also did a spot-on treatment underneath my eye area to target the fine lines and lighten dark eye circles. It uses a smaller LHE applicator for the eye area.
Depending on your skin type and problems, you can target at areas where you felt it needed the most attention.
A before and after-treatment photos are taken so that you can track and document your skin progress. You can even request the photos to be sent to you after each treatment. 
This facial is recommended to be done on a weekly basis for  6 to 12 sessions to see better results.
Each treatment ends off with a cooling mask to soothe the skin.
My verdict: There is no downtime for this treatment and I experience no redness. I did noticed an instant brightness and clarity to the skin which lasted for about 2 days. I guess the noticeable improvement is the improvement in my acne condition at my cheeks area. I do still suffer from recurring acne at my cheeks but it is more controlled now with the treatment. It might get even better if I have gone for more sessions. 

And what makes Skin Shape Club really stands out is it’s Club lounge where you can enjoy a simple meal there while you hang around to use their complimentary wifi and browse through your magazines and books on health and wellness. There’s also a beverage counter where you can make yourself some tea or hot chocolate.
Skin Shape Facial is priced at $120 for 30 minutes.
New customers can enjoy a trial price at $96 for a total of 4 sessions.
To find out more, visit

Skin Shape Club
#03-13/14 Orchard Central
Tel: 6589 8331

Many thanks to Skin Shape Club for this skin shaping experience.

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