Summer’s Eve Video Campaign : The Girls’ BFF

The sky above me has been rumbling with excitement lately with the oncoming projects I’ve been working on. One of the latest project I was embarking on is a digital campaign video project with Summer’s Eve where I played the role of Yoga Lady.

The video was shot in a musical style where there is some singing and acting involved. It was meant to be light-hearted and hilarious. Well, I guess it was kind of funny as I was laughing at the part where I started singing.

The objective of the video was also to talk about an intimate feminine topic on hygiene of our intimate area. It can be somewhat sensitive but let’s face it, we need to show some love and tenderness to that sensitive region that make us a woman. We shouldn’t feel shy or afraid to talk about it since it concerns our overall health and wellness. A healthy V makes you a happier and confident woman.

The first part of the video production requires us to do a song recording where I had to make a trip down to SoundFarm Production Studios, located all the way at Sengkang area. I thought it was a studio in a building like what most recording studios would be but it isn’t. It was located in a private house along the rows of bungalow. But it didn’t lose out to any of the bigger recording studios as it was well-equipped with all the necessary sound equipment and gadgets. It was way too awesome and I was just happy to be singing into the condenser microphone.

I was chosen to sing the chorus of the song where it goes,” It cares like a BFF, moisturizing me…’ The tune was catchy and I could get it right except for a few word endings where I had to make sure I pronounce each word clearly in a succinct manner.

This was the mini recording room where the sound was recorded. I was told that Kit Chan was there the night before to do her recording!

The music producer is in another upstairs, watching my movements through a camera while I was in the recording room. I felt like a recording artiste and I truly enjoyed my time working in this setting. I wished that I could work in a recording studio too where I spent time recording an album or a song.

Welfie with the crew from OC group and Soundfarm!
On our second day, we did the video shoot at Singapore Swimming Club in a ballroom at level 2. All the female bloggers were already there when I entered. I was surprised to see a couple of familiar faces too!

The shooting took place from morning all the way till very late in the evening. It was almost a full day shoot but the crew kept us well-fed with food and beverages.

My shooting started around 8 pm even though I was there very early to prepare. I guess there’s a lot of waiting time when it comes to video shooting. If I had knew it beforehand, I would have brought a laptop or a book to keep myself occupied.

My make-up and hair were done by the hired make up artist too. It was kept simple and minimal since it was a sporty look.

Cameras rolling!
One of the things I’ve come to know about filming is the ENORMOUS amount of time taken to shoot a scene because the cameraman would need to capture similar scenes from various angles. And let’s not talk about the video editing part as I would think that it will take days to piece all the small video snippets together to form a full video.
Because each scenarios takes a long time to film, there’s alot of waiting time. But it isn’t too bad as you could make use of this time to do answer calls, messages and emails. If I would have known about it, I would have brought a book or a laptop to do some work though.

It was an all-female cast and Magic Babe Ning, Summer’s Eve ambassador was there too.

Thank goodness my scene didn’t take too long to film as the moon was already hanging in the sky. It was tiring after spending almost a whole day there but it was pretty worth it considering it as my first advertising video campaign!
I also got to try out a range of Summer’s Eve products and I must say it’s quite a ‘life-saver’ product as it really makes a difference when you feel clean and refreshed. I particularly like the Feminine Cleaning Mist and Feminine Deodorant Spray.

One thing to applaud for is that Summer’s Eve does not test cosmetic products or their ingredients on animals.

And my part goes….
It cares like a BFF
Moisturizing Me
Gently Cleansing 
The pH perfect 
Balancing on my skin 
Makes everything alright 
This is what you’ll need
Oh yeah! Starting using it right baby

Many thanks to Summer’s Eve Singapore for this wonderful opportunity to be part of this digital video campaign.
Watch the full video by clicking the link below:

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