The Aryuvedic Experience with Aveda : Achieving Balance in Body, Mind and Spirit


The core of Aryuveda is essentially this three terms, ‘mind’, ‘body’ and ‘soul’. This traditional form of Hindu medicine is especially empowering in today’s frantic world of madness where everything seemed to be imbalance. A fit body is not considered healthy if the mind contains negative thoughts, troubles and worries. Like wise, your mind isn’t exactly healthy if your body is ill. Where is your true soul when both your mind and body is weak? Balance is the key. It isn’t just a mantra for striking a work life balance or keeping a good diet to stay healthy. It is pretty much about everything. Not at the end of this world but just somewhere in between the vast space.

“Feeling beautiful is the cause, looking beautiful is the effect”,– late founder of Aveda Horst Rechelbacher


It didn’t take me years, months or even weeks to achieve that balance. With Aveda’s daymakers and plant essences contain in Aveda’s products, I was feeling balanced within 20 minutes. Even if it was a fleeting moment, it was truly delightful to feel calm, relax and at ease – being able to breath in deeply with the feet grounded on the floor. It’s only when you are feeling it, that beauty in you will start to radiate.

Welcome to Aveda. Pure. Botanical. Essences of Plants and Flowers. 

The new opening of Aveda Experience Centre retail store in Capitol Piazza provides us consumers with a more comprehensive shopping and immersive experience. It isn’t that typical ‘grab-n-go’ retail store but a beauty haven that arouses your five senses. The holistic Scalp-to-Soul experience offered by the daymakers was what I went through the other day and that had got me so excited to share this interesting news with you! The daymakers is your modern fairy godmothers that will turn you into a princess within that short period of time. They literally would make your day!

I couldn’t believe it myself when I was told that I will be going through this unique Aveda experience where it covers from top to toe. I called that the ‘mini spa’ experience. Now, I only wish it was longer.

The Holistic Scalp-to-Soul Experience

1. Professional Hair and Scalp Diagnosis

2. Elemental NatureSM Skincare Diagnosis and Skin-balancing Ritual

3. Aveda Aroma Sensory Journey with Aveda Heritage Aromas and Chakra Body Mists

4. Nutrition Tips and Breathing Methods

My day got started right with a skincare diagnosis where I sat through a mini quiz to find out more about my skin type against the elements. This isn’t new for me as I already knew about the elements that are associated to my dosha body type. From the results shown, I clearly below to the earth. 
This is not a joke but I do really love the combination colours of brown and green. Sometimes, my friend would tease me that I am no different from a tree because I love anything that is made out of wood.
Aveda Elemental Nature

Using Aveda Elemental Nature Philosophy, imbalances in any of the five elements could be identified which will manifest in our skin. Common skin problems like acne and pigmentation arises because of the imbalances in these five elements within the body.

With the results obtained from the skin analysis, the daymaker would then customize a skincare regime based on the skin diagnosis and explained what are the Aveda products she would used for your skin type.


The five elements:

infinity, air, fire, water and earth.
Source: Aveda

I’m heavy on the earth and water elements which explains for my oily and dry combination skin type. Eventually, we are all working together to have all the five elements reflected in our skin to achieve a balance.


Later on, I was brought into this room for Aveda Aroma Sensory Journey where I enjoyed a mini facial using Aveda’s products that rejuvenates my skin. She tested out the recommended Aveda products on my skin and gave me a face and shoulder massage using their stress-fix composition oil.


There’s a vanity table for you to touch up your makeup after the skincare ritual.

A complete look would not go without a proper hair style. This was the hair care consultation tool that the daymakers uses to find out my hair and scalp problems.


Hair and Scalp analysis

My scalp looks healthy at some areas but not at areas where the pores tend to be clogged.


These were the range of Aveda hair care products which was tried on me. I was particularly impressed with Aveda’s Sun care product that works like a sunblock for the skin except that it is for the hair specifically.

As part of the new store opening celebration, you will receive Aveda Stress Relieving Sensorial Ritual when you spend a minimum of $150 at Aveda retail store in Capitol Piazza. This service is made exclusive at Aveda retail store in Capitol Piazza from 1 June – 31 August 2015.


Skin done. Makeup done. Hair done. I was all ready to step into the wild and discover the world. 
This wasn’t just a journey for me to understand my skin and hair better but also an opportunity to understand Aveda’s philosophy and beliefs. I never knew Aveda and I would be of best friends on this planet till I was told about Aveda’s story. An environmental leader in the beauty industry 

‘Nature is the best beauty artist of all. ‘– Aveda

What we need to look beautiful are all found in the soil. Nature becomes the colours and it’s up to us whether or not we want to manipulate our brushes to generate magic on the canvas.
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The new Aveda Experience Centre is located at #B2-33, Capitol Piazza.

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