The Truth Behind Blogging

Time and time again.
Reminding myself.
Not to give up.
Pursue what you love.
Find something to live for.
That something that sends sparks
Sparks that drive you.
And add meaning to your life.
Looking back.
This blog started as an assignment platform for a module I took in University.
Who knows
That is turns out to be a diary of a lifelong journey
A diary that documents changes in my life.
A hobby that keeps me alive.
A platform that allows me to explore different domains of life.
A laboratory where I experimented with ideas
A place where I found passion
A time capsule from 2010 till date
From personal life stories, beauty, food and now health…
It’s pretty life-changing I must say.
That’s simply because it is
A blog that captures snapshots of my life.
It’s been almost 5 years.
All those hard work, midnight lamps I’ve to burnt and hours spent
 All goes 
Simple ingredients to my blog consist of the following:
Vivid imagination, hunger to share, a love for writing
A good camera and iPhone
A bunch of encouraging family and friends
A supportive bunch of people I met within the blogging community
The companies who created opportunities for me.
The readers who reads my post and find interest in what I was doing.
Not to forget.
There were those hard times.
Nitty-gritty clients who weren’t happy with your work.
Occasional unpleasant comments.
Doubts from people around me.
Sacrifices I’ve chose to make.
Is this work or hobby? 
That fine line that we’ve been struggling.
Stereotypical views of bloggers we’ve to deal with.
The stats matters.
Followers and readers becomes your best friends.
Popularity and fame sometimes taint this blogging scene.
Making it seem like a battlefield.
Don’t be surprise when jealousy arises and things get ugly.
But really, are we forgetting the blogging roots?
We are not born to be celebrities.
But just ordinary people from all walks of life.
Freebies and attention from the public are a steal, of course.
But I’ve come to learn that nothing is free in this world.
For the time and effort we put in.
It’s almost immeasurable.
And pursuit for fame is not the key here.
Because it really boils down to nothing 
Within this dream to inspire.
But then again, we never knew media would cross platforms with blogging.
It has even join forces with other social media platforms
Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are a must for bloggers to build strong forts.
Is that really so?
They say bloggers paint perfect pictures of themselves.
Isn’t she really lucky?
But who are we to kid?
We select only the best moments and stash the worse moments in our cabinet.
We hid the truth.
But you and I know we are just ordinary human beings who go grown a cycle of emotions.
For more so for us,
Under the scrutiny of the public.
We experienced a volcanic eruptions of emotions sometimes.
There’s really a price to pay.
For real.
Sometimes I would take on roles as a journalists, roving reporters or writer.
Many years back
It was just an online diary
The true essence of blogging is just a personal sharing platform.
Whenever I’m lost in the woods,
I reminded myself how it all started
And heart of blogging
That is to share your personal stories and experiences.
So, do I even have to consider about what others say of me?
Not really.
As long as I am as real and raw both online and offline.
DeeniseGlitz is not a magazine or online newspaper.
It is not a media platform determined by what others demand for.
It is simple the voice of me.
That little voice that I’ve been keeping in my head.
The crave for trying out new things and the eagerness to reinvent myself for the better
I’m keen in connecting with you 
and inspiring you should we be on that same journey.
Wherever you are,
No matter what you are doing.
Not matter who you are.
Thank you for being here with me.
Be it just a browsing my blog posts or reading up on my work.
I’m grateful to have you.
Keep Sharing, Keep Inspiring.

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