Anzyme: Health Tonic for the Uterus

I’m not kidding. I was caught by surprise when I was first introduced to Anzyme which is a female uterine care tonic. This interesting product has definitely caught my attention because I thought it was some sort of a feminine wash to cleanse and nourish the uterine lining. But it turns out to be a health tonic drink that could strengthen the uterus, cleanse the vaginal area and firm up the vaginal muscle.
I know that I may not really need this tonic at this stage of life but prevention is cure. I am pretty sure this tonic will help with those women who undergone pregnancy or faced uterine or vaginal problems. i was a little apprehensive about trying this product but after knowing that it is made from all natural herbs and HSA-approved I thought it’s worth a try because usually such natural tonic would boost the overall health.

So what’s exactly in the tonic?

Japanese Curcuma Comosa Roxb

Rehmannia Glutinosa

Caesalpinia Sappan

Angelica Sinensis Root

540 Days Live Enzyme Fermentation

The main active ingredient in this tonic is Japanese Curcuma Comosa which has been traditionally used for relieving uterus pain and and tightening of the vagina after childbirth. The live enzyme formula infused into this tonic is also another beneficial ingredient that brings about a boost to our overall health.

Additional Benefits

– Relief menstrual cramps

– Invigorate energy

– Relief menopause symptoms

– Eases stiff muscle and joint pain

– Detoxification and antioxidant

– Improve skin complexion


I really like the fact that it is a natural remedy for most ailments. I have been taking in every morning for about three weeks now and I noted some remarkable changes such as improved energy and elimination of unpleasant odor caused by bacteria or fungi at my intimate area. The smell can get really unpleasant nearing menses as there will be some vaginal discharge. So instead of masking the scent with a deodorant for the intimate area, I would rather rely on this health tonic to cleanse the intimate area and promote a general boost of health.

If this works for me, I am quite sure it might work wonders for those with regular menstrual cramps, bacterial or fungal infections at the intimate area, vaginal dryness, menopause and other problems relating to the female uterus and vagina.

It is recommended to take about 2 tablespoonfuls daily of the tonic in the morning and before going to bed. I would usually consume it in the morning on an empty stomach. The taste was quite pleasant; in fact, it tastes a little like wine except that it is not alcoholic. It has an initial acrid taste which gradually transform into something sweet and strangely, you will start getting so use to the taste that it started to taste like fruit juice to me. That’s probably because of the presence of honey in the tonic.

This health tonic is suitable for vegetarians and contains no artificial preservatives and alcohol. But do note that it is not recommended for you to take the tonic if you are pregnant or having cold, fever and flu or other illnesses that requires you to take medication. However, you can consume it once you’ve fully recovered.

They also offered this health tonic in the form of capsules which is great especially when you are traveling abroad because it might be quite troublesome to lug the whole glass bottle of Anzyme with you onboard.

Source: Anzyme Health

Anzyme Uterine Tonic is available at Chinese Medical halls in Singapore. It is also sold online on for $69 per bottle of 750 ml. 

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