Bioré UV AQUA Rich Watery Gel : Why Watery Gel-based Sunscreens are Better

According to the recent findings from Meteorological Service Singapore’s (MSS) Centre for Climate Change Research Singapore, we would be experiencing an unusually warm weather in years to come. With temperature rising, how are you going to cope with the heat?

For me, it’s not so much about the heat that I am concerned with because warmth can be dealt by staying indoors with the fans and air-conditioners blasting right into my face. What is really more of a concern is the light energy emitted by the sun. Light could be either beneficial or harmful for us, depending on the types and intensity of the rays.

Interestingly, Sunlight consists of mainly 3 different types of rays: infrared, visible and ultraviolet A,B and C rays. Much of the Ultraviolet C rays are absorbed by the atmosphere, so little of it reaches the earth. On the other hand, Ultraviolet A and B are of utmost concern to us because both rays causes damages to our DNA. Ultraviolet B (UVB) causes sunburn, while Ultraviolet A (UVA) causes significant damages to our DNA in the cells. It isn’t much of a good news to have our life blueprint embedded in our DNA to get destroyed by the sun as this will indirectly cause aging and signs of cancer. That explains why sunblock or sunscreen is my beauty holy grail. It’s the first form of defense against aging caused by UV damage. It should be the first form of shield against the harmful UV rays, whether you’re a man or woman, I believe you should always be armed with a bottle of sunscreen.

I’ve tried several sunscreens in the market but the best I like so far are water or gel-based types of sunscreens that could be easily washed off by water or gentle makeup removers. Cream-based sunscreens often causes breakouts for me in the past. It could either be my negligence in removing the sunblock with a makeup remover that causes clog pores or the product is simply not suited for my skin. In any case, I still find that gel-based sunscreens works better for the majority and are in fact increasingly more popular these days.

Bioré, for instance, has a rather extensive sunscreen range that are gel-based. Right now, they even have a lighter and more watery sunscreen formula that are so much easier to apply on the skin than before. It’s also non-sticky and greasy like those cream-based sunscreens. I am now testing our their new Bioré UV AQUA Rich Watery Gel that looks like the photo as shown below.


It’s a broad spectrum UV block with enhanced SPF50+/PA++++ . SPF or sun protection factor is a measure of how well the sunscreen is blocks UVB while PA is refers to how much protection the sunscreen offers against UVA. It’s good to invest in a broad spectrum sunscreen that offers protection against both UVA and UVB from the sun as not all foundation or sunscreens provide this broad spectrum protection. So even using a foundation with SPF 30 only isn’t sufficient as it doesn’t block out UVA.
The added benefits to Bioré  UV AQUA Rich Watery Gel is its hydrating factor. It is infused with 
hyaluronic acid and citrus extract to keep skin hydrated and fresh. It also smells great and for a hot summer like this, it makes you just wanna apply more of this great smelling product all over your face and body. Yes, this could also be slather on the body as well!


I am not new to Bioré previous version of UV AQUA Rich Watery Gel as I’ve used it before and emptied out the whole bottle previously. It’s one of the better sunscreens that is suited for my combination skin type and what really works for me is the fact that it is not rich, creamy and sticky at all. It’s like coating your face with a sheer layer of sunshield without having to worry if it stifles your pores and breathing your skin from breathing. Having that said, it is important to reapply sunscreen every few hours to ensure maximum protection against the sun especially since the sunscreen is aqueous by nature, it may run off quite easily especially when you are sweating or swimming in the pool.

The hydrating benefits in this product is indeed advantageous to the skin because the skin tends to dry out more under the sun and heat. As always, anything that hydrates the skin is an added benefit to the product because a hydrating product comes next in the beauty holy grail.

With regards to its effectiveness against the sun, it could be best determined by a UV camera to see if the product really blocks off photons from the sun. Remember this video? But as of now, I just know that it works but just unsure how efficient. Because my skin would appear darker with pigments surfacing on the skin without the use of sunscreen. Right now, it is more controlled with the use of sunscreen and hydrating serums I applied in the evening.


It looks like a creamy lotion here but it is actually very watery in texture. You would be surprise.
Make sunscreens your beauty holy grail. It’s not just for us ladies but also men as well.

I’m also educating my man on UV protection.

Bioré UV AQUA Rich Watery Gel 
Retail Price: S$18.90

Size: 90 ml (2-months supply)

Available at all leading pharmacies, super and hyper markets, departmental stores, beauty stores and selected minimarts.

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