Words are powerful. 
A word itself it sufficient to excite or to kill.
Choosing a word to best describe myself isn’t too difficult.
It would have been the word ‘classic’ all along.
I love the basics which makes your features stands out more.
This is one of my favourite long dresses which I bought overseas. You’d be surprise to find that this long dark blue patterned dress made with a nice stretchy clothe only costs me $25. It could have been a knock-off dress from a renowned brand. I knew nothing about fashion back then but all I know it fits me comfortably and make me feel who I am suppose to be.


I might not have that perfect figure to carry off the lines and curves of the clothes because just like you, I’m an ordinary woman just trying her best to look decently well. I’m ain’t sure about Chanel or other high fashion labels because I believe in spending within my means to look at your best effortlessly. Rather than dressing fashionably, I believe in comfort and adorning with pieces that makes you feel like running towards the sun to give it a big hug. I also strongly believe in going green with eco-friendly labels and perhaps, treasures from the thrift stores or hand-me-downs. It’s all about reducing our waste contribution. And I am going to do it one photo at a time (with my love and support from you.)

Photos by Sam Toh

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