This iHerb stash was bought a few months back and my intention was to stock up on favourite staples like quinoa and chia seeds.It’s a mini stash but these are the few items which are worth checking out if you are shopping at iHerb.


1. Sambazon’s Organic Freeze-dried Acai Powder

Acai is a small and dark purple berry of a palm tree that is found in tropical regions of central and south America. It has a similar taste to wild berries; sourish and fruity.

This was the same exact brand of Acai Powder which is used at Project Acai. It’s a reasonably cheaper brand of organic Acai powder. I usually add them in my cereal bowl, smoothies or banana-only ice cream for that punch of anti-oxidants. It also had an abundant omega-fatty acid content which are terrific for glowing hair and skin.


2. PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter

This is powdered peanut butter is versatile as it could be mixed with some water to form peanut butter sauce or it could simply be eaten on its own. The only shortfall is the watered-down peanut butter taste which doesn’t seem as rich as those regular store-bought creamy peanut butter.It’s much lighter in taste perhaps of the smaller number of real peanuts that goes into it?


3. Navitas Raw Chia Seeds 

I just discovered that it is a great topping for fresh fruit juices. It’s also an important ingredient for making overnight oats or chia seed pudding. This makes a good breakfast ingredient due to its high dietary fibre content.


4. LivingNow Certified Organic Tri-Colour Quinoa

Quinoa is like rice to me because it has similar texture to rice. It’s lower in carbohydrates and packed with protein and iron. That’s why people start substituting rice with quinoa and buckwheat.

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