Laurier Ultra Gentle, Ultra Absorbant : Girl’s BFF

There’s one debatable inconvenience for being a girl on this planet.


It is literally like adding ‘full-stop’ in our lives when we felt that constant discomfort and emotional swings that put us in the doldrums. You heard about PMS but it isn’t just mood swings. Sometimes we women do experienced
skin irritations e.g. itchiness, stuffiness and redness during menses.  Such discomforts occur as the skin around intimate area
becomes more sensitive during the time of the month.

What we needed to ease those discomforts is some love, support and comfort. Others rely on their comfort food like chocolates or a cup of warm herbal tea to ease menstrual cramps. Feminine products like comfy and absorbent sanitary pads could also lessen our inconvenience and discomforts.

And such sanitary pads could be so comfy that sometimes you wouldn’t mind wearing them as pampers … (Okay, just kidding!)


My preference for sanitary pads is those that are ultra thin, soft, more than 28 cm long and has wings. Such pads make me feel more secure like Laurier’s Ultra Gentle pads. In fact, I’ve been a loyal fan of Laurier pads as they are usually more affordable and I am glad that recently they have been coming up with new variations of pads that serve women who menstruate even better! I not surprise that Laurier is one of the popular napkin brand’s in Singapore as Laurier pads is the first dermatologically tested napkin in Singapore and it is also clinically proven to relieve skin irritations.


Some cool features of Laurier Ultra Gentle

1.  It provides ultimate comfort with its unique airy soft wavy surface which reduces skin contact, minimizing friction and skin irritations.

2. Its also extra breathable thus relieving stuffiness, moisture and

3. It has a quick lock and dry system where its super absorbent layer locks in fluid quickly, reducing that wet sticky feeling.


I’ve never examine a sanitary pad so closely before I was writing this blog post and it is really interesting to know the technology behind the design of pads. Looking closely at the surface of Laurier Ultra Gentle pad, I noticed that the surface texture is different as compared to the general napkins. It felt super soft as I run my fingers through.

Verdict: 7/10

It doesn’t disappoint me with its more absorbent and ultra gentle features but it is also quite on par with other brands of superior napkins. I just like the fact that it is thin and the pads hugs snugly to skin which prevent leaking. It would be good if they have various lengths ranging from 28 cm as 25 cm long pads are quite short for me and I would probably only wear them on days where I experience a light flow, which defeats the purpose of having to wear an ultra absorbent pad.

Visit htpp:// to find out more about napkin dermatitis and product information.
You can also redeem a free sample at Sample Store here from 29th May.
Currently, there is a special Kao 50th Anniversary Promotion for Laurier Ultra Gentle 25cm at $5.00 in the month of June too.
Laurier Ultra Gentle is retailed at $5.60 for a pack of 15 sanitary pads (25cm long). They have also launched new lengths of pads of 40 cm long.

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