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I wouldn’t deny the fact that Singapore is a true food haven when it comes to a variety, we might emerged as a strong contender. As a food lover myself, I would have to say that the food quality and ambiance here in Singapore has improved tremendously. However, when we are spoilt for choices, it does gets a little mind boggling especially with the increase of people posting up tantalizing pictures and reviews of the eateries they’ve been too, it can be somewhat difficult to plan out your dining choices. 
It is somewhat more tedious for me as a vegetarian where I had to often research for vegetarian-friendly cafes and restaurants beforehand to see if I could actually dine there. So with OpenSnap, things are made so much easier with their extensive food directory not only in Singapore but also in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and other Southeast Asia countries.

Open Snap

It might ring a bell when I mentioned ‘Open Rice’ as they were the ones behind this comprehensive photo-based food search engine  that was first launched in 2014. I call Open Snap a smart phone app as it selects and recommends the best restaurants and dishes in Singapore and informs you where to eat in Singapore.

Editor’s Pick

My Experience

They also have this Editor’s Pick feature to make you and my life easier. I was bubbling over the top when I saw the tab that reads ’10 Places to Eat Clean’.  The Editor’s Pick come has handy because it categorizes food places according to a popular feature or food specialty. I would love to see a recommended list for salad bars, good food under $10 and probably yoghurt dessert places. That would be pretty cool!
Dish Ratings 
Once I enter one of the Editor’s Picks on the list, I get to see what are the dishes recommended by others on OpenSnap and the dish ratings. And this feature is important because I would know what are the dishes worth ordering even before I step into the restaurant or cafe and it also saves lots of time. You must know that not every dishes served in the cafes/restaurant are outstanding as they usually only have a few signature dishes. In fact, I found myself doing a quick research on the restaurant/cafe’s menu items even before patronizing the place to make the best dining choice possible. On top of that, I get to check out if there are any offers around but unfortunately, there aren’t any offers on my current favourite food places.

My Bookmarks

I’ve heard so much about Afterglow that I had to ‘bookmark’ these places along with the other cafes and eateries I’ve yet to try. So the bookmark function in OpenSnap is useful especially after you have browse through all your favourite food places and dishes you are drying to try. It’s almost like your online secretary when it comes to food planning especially if you are a foodie who believes in making your calories worth.

Map View Feature

Open Snap’s latest app version has the map view feature which allows you to locate the food places on the map. Even though Singapore is small, it isn’t easy to get your way around with our ever-changing landscape with the rise of new buildings and roads. In addition, you wouldn’t want to waste your time looking for the eatery under this erratic hot and humid weather.
I would say that the list is quite legit as it was some of my favourite eat clean places featured like Toss and Turn, Real Food and Veganburg. But my ultimate favourite would still have to be Greendot. It’s vegan-friendly, delicious and most important of all, affordable. Price remains as an important decision factor as vegan food are often marketed at a higher price due to its ingredients used. You will be smiling widely as I am because OpenSnap also keeps you updated on the current offers and promotions so that you are always in the loop even when you are on the go. There are currently 900 offers in more than 500 unique restaurants! There are probably more offers this year than before with this SG50 fever going on.

Friends’ Tab

I was surprise to see some of my Facebook friends on OpenSnap sharing their food pictures actively.
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