Philips Blender HR2160: It isn’t ICE ICE baby…

My previous U-Like blender has served me well for the past 2 years. It was a mini blender that doesn’t require much storage and perfect for making single serving meals. But after some time, the blender blades became blunt after blending smoothies after smoothies with ice cubes in it. It was still working but just not as efficient as it used to be. That’s when I started to look out for better blender in the market. I wanted to invest in a superior blender like Blendtec or Vitamix blender initially but I am just not sure if it is really worth the investment if I am just making smoothies for myself. It would be awesome to own one of the superior blenders because they are high-speed and high-powered blenders that are able to crush an iPhone into pieces. 
However, after some consideration, I thought of settling for an affordable blender as long as it could crushed ice. I dive in straight to Courts to find out more about the various brands and models of blenders available in Singapore. During my first visit there, the salesperson recommended me Tefal blenders which were made in France and suggested that I go for blenders which are made out of glass because it is more suitable for crushing ice. I was going to purchase Tefal’s Blendforce blender which costs me about $109 but I decided to wait a little longer for more promotions. 
One month later, on my second visit, I visited Courts again and this time, a female salesperson recommended that I should get the Philips Ice Blender HR2160 because it is very popular. It was only $89 then and I really thought it was a good deal but I have second thoughts about Philips product. No doubt I’ve used Philips juicer before and it was alright but I find that the quality of their mass-produced products are not that lasting. But I guess it’s quite alright given its affordable pricing so I went ahead to purchase it.
Do note that there is another variation of this model where the blender jar is actually made out of plastic instead of glass.
To be really honest, I regretted getting this blender. Not that it was no good or anything, I just find that it isn’t powerful enough to blend everything and the size of the blender jar is somewhat too big for the blades to fully blend everything. It’s design could be further improved. 
It’s ‘ice’ button function isn’t that fantastic either. It could crushed ice but you don’t get that fine snow-like or ice shavings type of ice texture. Instead, you get smaller chunks of crushed ice.
After reading the instructional booklet, I realized that this blender is only intended for blending fluids, mixing soft ingredients and pureeing cooked ingredients for cooking soup and making baby food. The ice button when pressed is actually similar power and intensity as the Max speed settings. I did felt like throwing eggs at the person in Courts who sold me this because I remembered her saying how this machine was powerful enough to crush ice that even drink stall owners bought this machine. It would be best to approach a more experienced sales person next time. Lesson learnt!
One tip for buying home and kitchen appliances is to get the latest model or version of the product as its design and functions would have been improved with the latest innovation and technology. It’s really worth paying a little more for better quality.
I guess the only worth-mentioning feature of the Philips HR2160 blender is the speed setting knob that allows you to control the speed. The glass blender unit (attached to the bottom of the blender jar) is also detachable which made it so much easier for cleaning. It make a decent smoothie for me but after all for $89, what more can I expect right? I would think that the Tefal blendforce with the 6-blade function might be even better than this.

other features/remarks:
1.5 litre blender jar
variable speeds
600 watts
Released in 2012
2-year waranty

 It isn’t ICE ICE baby… 
But hopefully it will last me for about a year or two before I get another new blender.

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