What SG50 Really Means To Me

What’s with the red dot symbol and that SG50 hype?
What’s the big deal about spending our fiftieth birthday as a nation?
It’s just another big national day celebration on 9 of August I guess?
I thought it wasn’t too selfish of me to think that way until…
I’ve watched the short animated film titled ‘The Violin’ by Ervin Han.
It isn’t about what we have achieved within 50 years
It’s what our forefather has done for us to build a better future for all.
For all those hardships and sacrifices they had gone through,
We will never be able to imagine the struggles and pain they had gone through.
Our forefathers, our heroes and leaders…
They do not owe us any rights to safeguard this country 
Nor to promise as a brighter future than tomorrow.
But they did.
They had no idea what’s to come
But what holds true is the patriotism
and their love for Singapore.
They would be standing so proud 
Should they have revisited Singapore today.
And as a Singaporean and a resident here who spent all my life here,
I not only have to express my gratitude for them.
But also,
To make a promise that I will contribute back to our country
To love and honor our country
despite of whatever tough circumstances there maybe.
SG50 is a year we need to remember that hope and love brought forth by our ancestors
And how we should keep this love and traditions of our country alive again.
Changes are inevitable but love can remain pure and eternal.
This is what I am proud of as a Singaporean.
From a tiny nation of people who made great contributions to put our little red dot on the map.
It doesn’t how small we are.
That’s because we are tougher than steel 
and as hard as brass.
Together, we stay
‘To pledge as one united people’
To continue building on to the legacies of our forefathers.
As Nation’s Birthday is inching close, 
Take some time to think about what Singapore really means to you
and why we celebrate SG50.
We may have made mistakes along the way;
Dealing with our imperfections;
but don’t forget the essence of being a Singaporean.
There’s no other better word than ‘perseverance’.

The Violin
by Ervin Han

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