CocoLife : Nuts About Coconuts


Coconut water has been dubbed as ‘nature’s sports drink’. It contains less calories, less sodium and more potassium than a regular sports drink. These minerals are needed to replace the electrolytes in our body as we tend to lose mineral-rich fluid through sweat during exercise.

Coconut water is hyped up with the introduction of the eat-clean and stay-fit movement that got our whole nation getting really active. When everyone discovered the benefits of coconut water, the shelves were wiped out, literally. I mean, why am I surprise? I don’t have to buy a coconut and cut it open with all my might anymore when I can get its pure juice straight from the nut, just like how Cocolife did it.


330 ml of pure Coconut water

Though coconut water extracted straight from the fruit itself tasted fresher, I still find it much easier to grab a chilled packet of coconut water and enjoy it while I am on the go. Besides, it costs me only $1.50 per packet to enjoy all these goodness from nature.

You could also jazz up your coconut water by infusing in some slices of fruits. I added slices of peaches with a tablespoon of chia seeds in mine.

The power in nature can be pretty stunning. Stay healthy and go ‘coco’!
See you Coco Life at Soulscape! I might need more coconut water for this Mega Yoga event happening on 12 September as I will be attending several yoga workshops and other activities.

Coco Life is available at major supermarkets and selected convenience stores.

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