Go60 Hydrating Facial Treatment Review

Have 60 minutes to spare? I am sure you could spend it wisely at Go60 for an hour long of pampering session for only $60. No packages and additional charges. You got that right. Every treatment is charged at a flat rate of $60. This really piques my curiosity as it is Singapore’s only fixed-priced spa boutique under Mary Chia Holdings Limited. And it is located conveniently at Esplanade MRT, right smack in the middle of Singapore.
It’s probably one of the more affordable beauty salons in Singapore as facial and body treatments can cost up to $200 per session. Speaking from experience, on average, I spent about $80 for each facial treatment I signed up for. Thus, for $60, it is considered a pretty good deal. However, the principle of ‘you get what you paid’ holds true for this instance unless you are fortunate to be assigned to an experienced beautician for treatments. The quality of treatments and services really depends the price you pay.
I was invited to review Go60’s latest Most Advanced Hydrating Facial Treatment which is 
is a hydration intensive treatment that incorporates the Seven-step Manual Lymphatic Draining (MLD) Spanish technique. This facial focuses a lot on lymphatic draining massage and does not include any extraction. 
Lymphatic massages, in general, focuses on light strokes to help flush out the toxins from the body and keeps the cells healthy.  I did a body lymphatic massage once and though it was soothing but I didn’t quite feel the benefits of the massage. Perhaps my body has a poor lymphatic drainage system to begin with and that explains why I didn’t really benefit from the facial lymphatic massage at Go60 too. For me, I still prefer the traditional facial massage where it applies a heavier pressure on various points of your face to stimulate blood circulation. And facial massages as always been my favourite step in a facial treatment because right after the massage,  my face appears more lifted and less swollen-looking in appearance.

The facial treatment rooms were located behind the counter and they were small but neat and tidy. One of the drawbacks of its location is the noise level as the human traffic is quite high at Esplanade MRT, with many commuters frequenting that area that links Citylink Mall to Suntec City. So during the treatment, I could hear several background noises but the experience could be made more pleasant if they have sound-proof walls or attempted ways to condone off the noise.

The Go60 hydrating facial treatment consists of the following steps:
Essential cleanse 
Enzyme peel 
(Followed by the use of Essential toning lotion spray and Essential serum)
Seven-step Spanish Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) technique 
Customised mask 
Aftercare: Essential moisturiser and UV defence mist spray
The cleansing step was rather simple and short. Soon after, the beautician began with the facial lymphatic massage which lasted for about 15 minutes before she applied mask onto my face. She used massage strokes of very light pressure to massage the lymph nodes on my face and neck. I am not quite sure what a good facial lymphatic massage would be like but I didn’t feel much of an effect after the treatment. Very quickly, when the time was up, the beautician already moved on to the mask where it was left on my face for about 20 minutes. 
I have to say that 60 minutes did really past quite fast because before I get to enjoy anything, the treatment was already over. I walked out of the spa boutique feeling quite refreshed because of the hydrating mask and the tea they offered after the treatment that is the only benefit of the facial treatment which I experienced. 
When it comes to spa treatments, it is all about the service and skills exhibited by the beautician. If you are assigned to a experienced and passionate beautician, you can consider yourself lucky. 
Go60 also offers body and slimming treatments going at a nett price of $60. 

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