Healthy Stash from @My Life Inc.

I received this stash way before in July, right after I came back from my Japan Trip.TEAISM has just launched a new flavour – Cranberry Apple Tea and I get to sip this tea along with other goodies from My Life Inc. Teatime is gonna be interesting!
Freeze-dried fruit chips is tops my list of guilt-free snacks. It’s like eating a whole fruit itself except that it tasted cripsy. If you haven’t tried it for yourself, goVida freeze-dried fruit is your best bet. It will be a good topping for granola yoghurt parfait.
I’ve now tried several brands of freeze-dried fruit chips and to be honest, all tested as good! Besides goVida, you could try the ones from Pronature.
TEAISM has now grown bigger with their wider range of tea brews!
I wouldn’t recommend it as a sweet summer drink but perhaps a Christmas seasonal tea where its bright redness in the tea. 

Intelligent Nutrients has been my favourite brand of lipgloss ever since I started using them! It’s lightly tinted and guess what? It is edible!


This handmade chocolate is for the brave adventurous soul who likes to try something a little fanciful like Chili and lime chocolate. It isn’t exactly to my liking because of its peppery after-taste but if you are a chili lover, you might just want to give it a try. Isn’t it perfect for wedding gatecrashers too? Getting the bridegroom and their brothers to finished up this chili chocolate made in England would definitely up the game.


This makes a quirky gift for tea lovers or modern fashionistas who enjoys sipping on Earl Grey. It’s way cooler to be drinking tea brewed with fresh tea leaves than tea bags.


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