My Boyfriend Does My Makeup (YouTube Video Tag) – Sam X Dee version

How’s your golden Jubilee weekend goin’? Instead of squeezing with the crowd, Sam and I decided to do a Boyfriend Does My Makeup Tag Video. I’ve been wanting to this video tag ever since I got together with this charming and nonsensical batman fan. Oh well…

Below are my usual makeup products I used in this video.

My Usual Makeup Routine

1) Use Garnier Roll-on BB cream to conceal dark circles

Everyone seems to like this product!

2) Dust my face with Rachel K compact powder

I try to avoid BB creams or liquid foundation and go easy on foundation. All those facial treatments I go for has helped me to even out my skin tone.

3) Highlight the brows with brown eyeshadow

This lightens the colour of my brows and it suits my hair colour too.

4) Apply pink and purple eye shadow

It complements my skin tone. I receive compliments on these two eyeshadow colours so I’ve stuck with it for months already.

5) Use Clinque eyeliner on the upper eyelid

6) Curl lashes with L’Oreal mascara

This mascara really darkens and thickens the lashes! It prevents clumping so I have been using this brand of mascara for a long time.

7) Apply True Match blusher by L’Oreal

8) Gloss up the lips with all-natural lip gloss by Intelligent Nutrients

Do you know that this is edible? All I needed was a light red tint on my lips and I am ready to go on a date with my bae!

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