Paris Holiday 巴黎假期 : Soulmates

Any movie that has got to do with Paris, would have a dose of some serious romance. A love that is somewhat painful at first but would blossom to something even more captivating and beautiful.
Even if the movie didn’t exactly portray what true passion is all about, at the very least there’s beautiful backdrop of Paris that would leave you in awe. 
Here’s a recent movie I’ve caught on screen about the love spell in Paris. It’s a Chinese film about coincidental love between a pair of roommates in Paris. Although the storyline seems generic, the movie itself was speckled with humorous scenes and meaningful quotes that truly touches the heart. Kudos to Louis Koo’s and Amber Kuo’s superb acting skills which have truly brought out the essence of the film – breakups aren’t the endings of a chapter but they are beginnings of another love story and another step closer to finding your soulmate. 

The film was shot over several beautiful locations including the apartment where both of them dwell in. It was located a stone away from Tour Eiffel and it has a lovely balcony that oversees the view of Paris with Tour Eiffel in the scenic backdrop.


Besides the beautiful scenery, there’s also the beautiful people in the movie. Louis Koo at the age of 44 is still as charming as ever. And Amber Kuo with her pixie hair cut looks really adorable and likable.

There are also several twists towards the end of the movie which brings audience across several ‘hills’ before reaching the climax. It makes this light-hearted movie worth watching like a good novel that is packed with several meaningful insights to love.

I was in particular touched by their portrayal of what soulmate is all about. It is someone that secretly enters your life one day and transforms you. It didn’t matter whether you stay forever with your soulmate or not, what matters is that the both of you have created unforgettable memories that would be etched in your mind.

PG / 114 mins 
Genre: Comedy, Romance 
James Yuen
Full Cast:
Louis Koo, Amber Kuo, Alex Fong Chung-Sun, Janice Man

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