Urbanscape @ Lepark : Yoga For the Urban Settlers + Upcoming SOULSCAPE 2015

This is yet another outdoor yoga event organized by intheloop. I used to think that massive outdoor yoga events aren’t that effective if you want to get a good workout or stretch because you get little or no attention from the instructor. But I was proven wrong with their fantastic yoga teachers from various yoga institutions and there were more than one yoga instructors walking around to correct our postures. In fact, it was one of the best and uplifting yoga classes I’ve ever had. True enough, it is often the best of the very best of yoga teachers who would take the stage and lead the crowd. So if you ever come across a community yoga event like this (which is free most of the time), do not hesitate but join in the fun! It felt different in terms of the vibes and enrgy when you are doing yoga with a large crowd of people.
If you are a yoga hippie, you would love this. A mini bazaar selling organic food, juices and beauty products in the early evening and a community yoga session as sun sets.

We are the rooftop of People’s Park Complex where LePark Restaurant/Bar was located.

A short media talk by Marc, founder of InTheLoop.

Brought along my fellow yogi friend for this one-of-a-kind sunset yoga event.

A great venue for photoshoots, I must say.

When the sky turns dark…

I went home with a rested body, mind and soul as well as a media gift box from intheLoop with a pair of tickets to Soulscape 2015! It’s a full-day yoga retreat-cum-immersion at Tanjong Beach Sentosa. Last year’s even was amazing and this year, it’s going to be even bigger and better. Tickets to the biggest yoga event of the year is available. Do not miss this opportunity to be part of this yogi community! 
They’ve got a whole list of workshops and courses like Acroyoga, dance, surfset and also activities just for the kids. Also, this event is open to the public and there are free community yoga and pilates classes as well. For more information, check out the schedule right here.

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