Aveda Smooth Infusion: First Nourishing Styling Creme with UV protection

I was afraid of using hair styling products and have never liked to use them at all. It makes my hair looks tacky and stiff. Worse of all, it can be quite difficult to get rid of the product residue nestling on each hair strands. It might make your hair shine like a diamond and look like the next Audrey Hepburn but to me, I really don’t think its worth the time and effort you had to invest in the extra hair cleansing step. For years, I haven’t really touch a can of hair spray or even bothered to style. But now, I starting to invest a little more attention on my hair now that I discovered more gentler hair styling products that nourishes your hair with ingredients extracted from nature. Oh yes, a hair styling formula infused with Shea butter and natural UV filters for the hair. Our hair, just like our skin, needs sunscreen too. Blame it on the fact that we are receiving a lot of sunlight here in Singapore.
The NEW Smooth Infusion Nourishing Styling Creme is an expansion of Aveda’s Smooth Infusion family. This is dubbed as the BB creme for hair except that it is not tinted black or brown to provide any coverage. But it does helps to give you that smooth finished look and conditions your hair to make it so smooth that even a fly can slide down your hair strands.
This product made it to my ‘must-have’ and ‘must-used’ list because of one particular benefit it brings about – UV protection for the hair. Not many hair styling products contain natural UV filters which protects the hair against drying effects of the sun and it is crucial for our hair to be coated with a protective film against UV damage that erodes the cuticle and thus cause hair weakening.
How to use: After shower, I would towel dry my hair and smooth it on while my hair is still damp. I would apply it from the hair ends and all the way up but avoiding the roots. All you will need is just a little dollop of product about the size of 5-cent coin to style and smoothen your hair. Smooth it out on your palms and gently massage the product into your hair and to coat it evenly. Then, blow dry with hair dryer and style with straightening iron or air dry.

This is a great product for beginners in hair styling because it is very easy to use. The formula is light and it doesn’t weigh down the hair. It is neither greasy nor sticky. It’s suitable for all hair types. And like all Aveda products, this product has this signature Aveda scent which smells of natural herbs and calms one’s senses.
Right now, I can’t leave the house without using this nourishing styling creme in the morning. Like the sunblock, this is indispensable.

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