CHIA : Your Nutrient Rich Booze with Chia Seeds

So part of this ongoing healthy eating fad is to stay away from processed food and booze. While some argued that a little wine is good for the heart, I feel that if there are other better options around, why stick to alcoholic drinks (which makes your belly round like watermelons)? What would really flatten your stomach is probably a bottle of CHIA, containing tiny white chia seeds is packed densely with omega 3, fibre, essential amino acids and electrolytes. It gets you on the high minus the calories and a beer belly. It’s the ultimate legit booze for the ‘healthoholics’.
Please don’t ask me where I smuggled these ‘healthoholic’ drinks from. But rest assured that it would be available soon in Cold Storage Singapore by the time this blog post reaches you. 
CHIA hails all the way from New Zealand where the number of fluffy sheep probably outnumbered the number of Singaporeans here. Each brand has its own story and CHIA founder, Chloe Van Dyke, started her story with the creation of a endurance drink for sustained energy and nutrients with athletes in mind. That makes it a nutritional booze with a boost of energy for any sporty individual. To put it correctly, it is nutritional-packed drink for anyone especially vegetarians, like myself, who relies on chia seeds as a source of omega 3. Chia seeds is like our so-called egg replacements and it is a staple in my kitchen.
CHIA has developed 3 wonderfully concocted chia drink variations. 

Orange Passionfruit and Apple

Morning booze
Its citrusy flavour and bright colour energizes you instantly in the morning.
Ingredients: Hydrated Chia seeds, orange concentrate, apple concentrate, passionfruit concentrate, beta carotene, citric acid.

Blackcurrant and Apple

Afternoon booze
The slight sourish taste of the tartaric acid in the blackcurrant keeps you going right after exericising. This is my favourite (and my mum’s too).
Ingredients: Hydrated Chia seeds, blackcurrant concentrate, apple concentrate, natural flavour.

Blueberry and Apple

Night booze 
It’s sweet and it just makes you want to sleep and snuggle in bed.
Ingredients: Hydrated Chia seeds, apple concentrate, blueberry concentrate, blackcurrant concentrate, natural flavour, citric acid.
CHIA is a winner for New Zealand Food Awards 2014. 
They have also won New Zealand Functional Beverage of the Year 2015.
Quality guaranteed.
Gluten Free. Dairy Free. Vegan. No added sugar, preservatives or artificial flavours.
It’s rather thick and viscous due to the presence of chia seeds which absorbs liquid and expands. It is quite filling and makes a great post-gym drink. I just wished that I had more of these. Hope to store up some in the fridge soon!

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