DC Comics Superheroes Cafe : Batman Edition


This is like a celebratory month of all DC comic fans with the opening of the new DC comics superheroes cafe right after the DC Justice league run which took place about 2 weeks ago. In addition to Hungry Heroes cafe, there’s now any chill-out venue for DC comic die-hard fans.

I wouldn’t drag my feet here if not for the fanatic batman fan who wanted to dine at DC comics superheroes cafe.

I bet his nerves must be jumping all over the place while he was here because not only there’s food to satisfy your tummy but also a store which sells exclusive DC comics merchandise. That’s like a mini wonderland for my man.

Batman, batman everywhere.

Besides the dine-in cafe, there’s also a take-away counter where you can buy some cakes, pastries and coffee and other small bites for tea. The prices here are very steep for sure. Nice to look at but a pain to purchase them.


We went there on a Saturday at around 2 pm. It was way over lunch time but the cafe is still filled with diners who are mostly families bringing their kids out for a DC comic meal. We waited for about 20 minutes before we had a table for 2.

Yay, we got a table! But we would still have to wait for another 30 minutes before the food was served but the waitress was kind enough to offer us some nacho with cheese while waiting for our food to arrive.


The prices here were mighty hero expensive for its food quality and portion sized. As you would have known, we are paying for the novelty of patronizing in a cafe which is clouded with superhero figurines with a powerful vibes of batman and superman.


Their signature would be their Batman’s dark knight burger that is served with nacho chips. It’s a charcoal wagyu beef burger bun with an sunny-side up egg. They had vegetarian dishes too but they ran out of it so I had to order a Green Lantern Ceasar salad which looked kind of pathetic with the romaine lettuce, shredded cheese, black olives and some thin garlic cheese toast. It’s overpriced so I wouldn’t recommend you to come here for salads – that’s for sure.


But there’ve got these cute superheroes pepper shakes that is picture-worthy. They make great accessories to spruce up your Instagram pictures of your meal.


Mr.J Crazy Chili Cheese Fries

This is cheese fries coated with beef gravy, melted cheese and jalapenos. Who doesn’t love cheese fries? It’s a cheat meal for me.


The kitchen seems to be quite in a frenzy with the numerous diners who are waiting for their food to be serve. But since they are new and just starting out, I could totally understand the difficulties they faced with the shortage manpower.


Sam has hinted me several times to get this toy for him.

There’s quite alot of things to shop for if you are a big fan of DC comics! The food served isn’t that bad but coming here once is enough to soak in all the superhero magic and energy.

DC Comics Superheroes Cafe

2 Bayfront Avenue
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands


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