Green Living 2015 : An Eco Lifestyle Event

There’s this resounding joy in my heart when I heard about Green Living, an eco-lifestyle event which was held this month at Marina Bay Convention Centre. Finally, there’s a big gathering ground for all eco-conscious individuals and businesses to come together to learn more about going green and more importantly for me to be inspired by their ‘green ideas’.

The whole idea behind eco-green living isn’t just about saving the polar bears and preventing global warming. It is also about seeking new and innovative ways which challenge ourselves to work within constraints and at the same time, practicing sustainability. A green innovation is something which is worth applauding for because ‘it is easier to cut a tree to make paper than to make paper with elephant poo.’ Likewise, it is easy to destroy the earth in days but difficult to preserve our beautiful environment. The creativity behind all these green technologies to make this earth a safer place to live in is what intrigued me the most. And I am glad to see this creative energy that was harnessed during this year’s Green Living 2015. It is Singapore’s first sustainability and design so it wasn’t held at a great scale but I believe that it has made a noticeable impact in raising awareness about keeping up with an ‘eco-lifestyle’ to the public.

BCA Green Office Pop-Up
The first booth I’ve visited was BCA Green Office Pop-up and it gave me a better picture of what would be like to work in a green office. It would be so cool, isn’t it? It adds meaning to your work place. Suddenly, every item used in the office is energy-saving and eco-friendly. It would be even better if the company practices energy-saving and eco-friendly tips like using recycled paper and switching off the air-con when it is not in used. As an individual, you will feel that you are now part of this ‘green’ force to save the environment.

There are also several interactive workshops and talks which are free for the public to take part.

Heard of upcycling? I had a little chat with Jimmy Ngow, the brainchild of Re Arcade, who came up with this brilliant idea of transforming old PCs, laptops and game consoles into an arcade machine. Wow! Like an arcade machine right at home? Gamers, hold your guns. These arcades are pretty neat too, perhaps even sleeker than those found in the arcade. And guess what? You could also purchase a DIY arcade kit that would aid you to transform junk into an arcade machine that doesn’t even require you to slot in any coins.

‘I never knew what upcycling was until yesterday.’ Jimmy gave us this sheepish smile during our conversation.

Oh, a fish tank in a toilet bowl! Peculiar but intriguing.

I would purchase some seeds from MicroGreens if only I have the time to sow and water them everyday. Do you know that you can even grow your kale? MicroGreens are perfect in Singapore context because it is so small that it doesn’t takes up much space. They are your most natural form of supplements. Skip the pills! MicroGreens are densely packed with superb nutrients too.

Lutron is also another exhibitor which display their intelligent lighting control systems found in living spaces.

Do you know that this eco-friendly blind can repel dust? 

A bunch of musicians creating music with office and desk tools. Music is free and it is everywhere.

With the current haze situation, it would be great to have an air purifier at home to puff out all the dust. And if you decide to do it in ‘eco-style’, you can go for these cute plant sushi by botanicaire instead that not only purifies the air but also add a fresh dose of oxygen to your living space.

Next, we visited Mumpreneur Corner with stores run by moms who have successfully established green businesses while balancing the duties of motherhood. It’s a haven for eco-conscious consumers who likes natural beauty products and other lifestyle products!
Check this out! Kitchenware made out of rice husk!

I bought this huge wooden hair brush back for $15. It’s a good buy 🙂 A natural scalp massager.

I also got my hands dirty with Nippon odourless paint. YUP, it’s really ODOURLESS.

Though it’s a rather small-scale event as compared to the previous exhibitions held at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, I took home bottles of inspiration, ideas and love. 
If you do care about the health of your loved ones, start by building up a safe and healthy environment for them to live in. It all starts from right beneath our feet and our only home called earth.

For more information on the event and a complete list of activities, visit

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