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Do slimming treatments really work? Today’s concept of slimming treatments doesn’t solely focuses on trimming the fats but also bringing about a boost in your health and well-being. With the current technology, they are also able to help regain health and a healthier physique at the same time. I would term is as a health and wellness treatment rather than slimming and the effects are noticeable.

My belief that slimming treatments are for the obese who didn’t have the motivation to hit the gym has dispel after a visit to Kris by Mence, a beauty boutique for both men and women. They partnered with Mence, a trusted skincare and body toning centre in Hong Kong to bring in Mence’s most advance international weight loss system.

Mence has also achieved several accolades over the years and it is voted as the leading men’s skincare and body slimming centre in Asia by TIMES magazine. They also worked with hospitals in Hong Kong to provide skincare and fat reduction treatment to regain health and boost wellness in patients.

So what I am doing here in a body slimming centre for men? Well, that’s because Kris by Mence has now opened its doors to women as well!

Hong Kong Celebrities like Otto Chan, Wu Feng, and Hawick Lau, just to name a few, have achieved their best body form and shape after going Mence’s body treatments.

Kris by Mence is located along Robinsons Road, at Robinson Point. I was ushered to the consultation room where I did a body analysis done by Kris herself who shed some light on my body and health condition based on the results and analysis.It looks like I’ve still have a long way to bring my fat percentage down to a healthier level.

I wouldn’t expect myself to step into a posh room which is equipped with a flat screen TV, shower amenities and a dressing table with an iPad mini that plays soothing music. It was already to luxury to be enjoying all the room facilities they provide. But they even had a room more luxurious than that! They’ve got a VIP couple room that comes with a private bathroom and a magnificent view of Singapore city skyline.

During the treatment, I could watch TV or YouTube videos on the iPad but I decided to just do away with these gadgets and instead catching a wink while I listened to the soothing background music played from the iPad.

On my playlist is some list of relaxing piano tracks from Ghibli collection. It makes a good lullaby because I dozed off during the treatment.

My targeted area for fat reduction is my tummy and thighs so I did a fat burning treatment to soften the fats in these troubled areas.

Next up, I did a body toning treatment where I had electrodes attached to my thighs and tummy.The computer-controlled waveforms transmitted from the electrodes stimulates and tones the muscles. It felt like doing an ab workout where your muscles are activated. At the same time, it tightens the deep and superficial muscles for non-invasive body contouring and sculpting. It also stimulates lymphatic drainage and reduces excess fluids, eradicating puffiness and toxins.

I also did the infra-red treatment at the same time while doing the body toning treatment. It’s like being in a hot sauna room to boost the fat metabolism process and stimulate blood circulation.

I remembered sweating buckets after the treatment.

 My beauty therapist was very patient and she made sure that I was well-taken care of. She would come in once in a while to check on me and serve lemon water as well as a plate of fruits.

Before I headed for a shower, she took my body measurements after the treatment. I thought I wouldn’t lose much but I did managed to 1cm of circumference trimmed off from my thighs and tummy. Although my weight didn’t fluctuate much, I knew that I felt really energized after the treatment. It is no different from the spa treatment or massage offered by spas or salons. It just makes everyone wants to lose some weight too.

Here’s an upcoming event to find out more about the treatments offered at Kris by Mence.
During this event, Veteran radio DJ, The Flying Dutchman, will be sharing how he lost 8kg despite health problems and a busy schedule.

Date: 8 October 2015
Time: 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm
Venue: 39 Robinson Road #07-03, Robinson Point, Singapore 068911


1) Complimentary full body analysis (body and visceral fat level, body age and overall physique assessment) and professional consultation.

2) Enjoy an exclusive FD trial treatment at $59 only and stand to win a 15 session weight management treatment worth $1,950!

Free admission. 30 attendees max.

Call 65365747 today to reserve a slot.

*Light refreshments will be served.

Kris by Mence
39 Robinson Road
Robinson Point 
Singapore 068911

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