One of the highlights of this tour is to visit the active volcano, Sakurajima which is still rumbling where we were there!


We took a ferry (including our bus) to Sakurajima-Kinkowan Geo Park. It’s a short 15 minutes ferry ride from Kagoshima port to Sakurajima.


Sakurajima is currently still rather active! 
It is originally an island.
We visited the Arimura observatory and Sakurajima Visitor centre.


Today, there are approximately 5,000 people living at the volcano site. But I really how they are able to withstand the volcanic ash particles which pollutes the air. The ash dust settles quickly on plants, cars and maybe on us humans too. I could feel the dust landing on my skin.


There are bomb shelters almost everywhere – just in case the eruptions worsen.


Lunch at Sakurajima Resthouse ( Kagoshima specialty Kuwayaki set)


And for dinner, we had a seafood shabu-shabu at Manten before we went back to our hotel.


I am a matcha green lover so I bought like tonnes of green tea matcha snacks!


My stash isn’t as extensive as Ana’s! Her’s is massive!

Watch my travel vlog on Kyushu, Japan right here!

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