My Second Set of Namecards By Vista Print!

When my first set of name cards finally ran out,  I couldn’t actually wait to design my second set of name cards. I went to do my research on name card printing and after comparing several websites, I still find that Vista Print offers nicer templates and designs of name cards. Their customization tools are also easy to use so I went back to them again.
The price has definitely gone steeper but it is still affordable. I still stick to my favourite floral-inspired designs like the one showed below which is very ‘Cath Kidson-like’.
I wanted my name card to represent my likes, interest and personality. It must also be something that is aesthetically-pleasing to my eyes so that I am proud of handing out my name cards to people whom I want to connect with.
It’s rather different from business card because it isn’t much about work or being professional here. I run a personal-cum-lifestyle blog and I really want it to look casual.
Looks too girly? But who cares? At least the person receiving my namecard doesn’t mistook me for a man.
I am quite pleased with the name cards printed though I felt that the colour contrast wasn’t enough and the background prints wasn’t printed with solid ink colours. It just looked a little faded. I guess it could be the quality of paper itself. It would be nicer if I printed it on a glossier paper but as I was saving cost, I went with the cheaper option.
I also decided to include a print at the back of my name card after much considerations as I didn’t want the front of name card to be too cluttered with words. So I placed all my social media links at the back of my card.
It’s a stack of 250 cards and I’m ready to meet new inspiring people to share a little love to all you guys out there!
Creating namecards online has never been much easier than before!

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