The Closest Sisters : Bridesmaid Dresses

The closest sisters are your lifetime besties which stood by you are you weeped, laughed, moaned or panicked. Without them, you are just like a lonely pea in a pod because even your man couldn’t replace your sisters. Sisterhood is something quite magical.

And on your special day, the day you married your favourite man, you will be supported by your sisters or ‘jie mei’ who stood by the door and guard your heart, making sure it’s the right one whom you have chosen to be with. On your wedding day, they are like little daisies who stood by your side, watching you, the red rose, blossom with love and joy. You are already beautiful in your pure white gown and your little ‘daisies’ would be that fresh crisp snow to make you stand out further. Make them sweet and look beautiful like little fairies who stood by watching you.

For Bridesmaid dresses, I would go for chiffon dresses in sweet pastel colours  like the ones below.


Multi-Way Maxi Dress (Teal)


Edna Sleeveless Chiffon Dress


Jada One Shoulder Chiffon Dress


Edna Sleeveless Chiffon Dress

Dresses are available at ZALORA.

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