The Scene X AVEDA : Aroma-infused Hair Coloring Treatment

There are a thousand and one things on our do-to-list and busy schedules but I believe there should be a couple of appointments where you book some time for yourself to relax and unwind. This month, I had one particular appointment which I’ve been anticipating for weeks – enjoying an Aveda Color and Botanical Therapy Hair Treatment at The Scene! I call this the ‘ME’ time because technically speaking, you get to spend sometime alone in tranquility as you get pampered under the hands of the beauty experts who could literally made my hair go VAH-vah-vroom.
I was already tingling with excitement as I entered The Scene at Robinsons, where I was greeted by a foliage of green plants that gives off a soothing vibe. It is as if I am returning back to nature where my temple of retreat is.
The Scene at Robinsons (where The Heeren was once located) is an Aveda lifestyle salon that offers a comprehensive range of Aveda signature hair services which are based on Ayurvedic wisdom adopted by Aveda.
My encounter with Aveda has been rather purposeful as we both believe in the power of nature and going eco-friendly to bring about balance and harmony in this world and within ourselves. Their environmental cause of connecting beauty, environment and well-being warms the cockles of my heart. Having my hair treated here gave me the assurance my hair would be enhanced with Aveda’s products rather than getting stripped away of its natural beauty with harsh chemicals which harms not only my hair but the environment too.
This salon is spearheaded by internationally acclaimed artistic director and professional hair stylist Michel Ng. It would be an honour to get my hair styled by her!
The salon interior is stunning and it made me felt really cosy. I know that spending hours here wouldn’t be much of a dreadful thing.
Before I got swarm away by the beauty of this salon, I shall get back to my purpose of this visit to the salon which is to try out Aveda Color and Botanical Therapy Hair Treatment Services. It was a 3-hour session of hair colouring as well as a hair and scalp treatment. But it isn’t quite the typical hair coloring and treatment experience. You will find out why as you read on.
I had Alan, the creative director of The Scene who styled my hair, to recommend the hair colour I should go for. Knowing that my hair is thin and limp, I wanted highlights so as to add some dimension and texture to my tresses. But at the same time, I didn’t want my highlights to be too contrasting with my base hair color because I am not too loud of a personality and I just wanted something which could complement my skin colour. Knowing what type of hair style you want is important and voicing out your desire style to your hair stylist is important too. It’s a great thing that Alan knew what I wanted and the results were way better than what I’ve expected. He chose two different shades of brown that were not too contrasting but it is sufficient enough to bring out the highlights in my hair. Perrrfect.
I used to colour my hair very frequently since I was 16! I love seeing the brown shades in my crown because it made me look more fashionable and made my skin appeared fairer for some reasons. But it is a different story right now after I’ve made a 360 degrees transformation in my life starting with my diet and now, with lifestyle products and life philosophy. I started to colour my hair less frequently using hair dyes of a gentler formula like organic hair dye where I did at another salon about 3 months ago.
The Aveda experience didn’t start with the colouring process but with a head and shoulder massage using Aveda essential oils. It’s a signature relaxing ritual of Aveda – awakening the 5 senses before each treatment.
Every day is a different story written on a new page. What was I feeling that day? I chose harmony. Knowing how I was feeling that day helped them to find out the scent that would uplift my spirits that day.
Yes, even scents could be customized. I chose Chakra 4 to balance my heart chakra. I totally needed that.
Following the pampering massage is the Aveda Full Spectrum Deep™ Hair Color treatment where it is formulated specifically for people who naturally dark hair. Up to 93% of its formula is naturally derived and it is also infused with their own signature blend of botanical oils (castor, certified organic sunflower, and certified organic jojoba) to give your hair an incredible and healthy shine.
Here’s a couple of ‘green’ facts worth sharing – the tube caps of the Deep™ Hair Colour are made from 100% recycled material. Even the formula itself is developed at Aveda’s botanical laboratory on a 58-acre Certified Wildlife Habitat™ in Blaine, Minnesota and manufactured with 100% wind power in its primary facility. It would be cool to visit Aveda’s botanical laboratory one day!
They have also added a few drops of Chakra 4 for that aroma-infused hair colouring treatment. For once, you are smelling something pleasant as you are coloring your hair. It still does have that tinge of chemical smell which is dampened by the strong scent of the essential oil blend.
It’s been quite a while where I get to sip some tea and read a magazine. Oh, my favourite speculoos biscuit!
After the hair coloring is done, it is only wise to treat my damaged hair with Aveda Botanical Therapy to give my hair some extra boost.
 Aveda Botanical Therapy products are carefully crafted, by Aveda research scientists, with potent plant actives to balance scalp, repair hair and rejuvenate the senses. It strengthens and moistures the hair with its functional blend of potent plant actives. To make sure that all the good stuff penetrates in to my hair, they use steam to speed up the infusion process. It was my first time seeing the ‘steam gun-alike’ device because I’ve always thought steaming is done in the astronaut bubble steaming device. This ‘steam gun’ technology works way better than the traditional hair steamer.
I was already soaking in bliss as I get my tresses treated. Even my hands were massaged with Aveda’s Hand Relief. I guess this added-on services is what makes a customer feels special and well-treated.
Hair is trimmed, coloured and treated and now, I am ready to head out with my new hairstyle!
It looks natural, isn’t it? The highlights added this flow and movement to my hair which I’m totally in love with right now. The only worrying thing is trying to maintain the shine in my hair after the treatment.
The Scene offers manicures, pedicures and other services like eyebrow shaping and makeup too. No time is wasted when you can get your nails or makeup done while colouring your hair.
You would be so revived and charged up after experiencing a hair retreat. Time was indeed well-spent there. At least, I am ready to head back to the world to share this with you.
Aveda Botanical Therapy is available at The Scene Robinsons (Robinsons Orchard, Level 3) from $138 for 60mins.

The Scene (Robinsons)

260 Orchard Road
Level 3 Robinsons
Opens daily from 10. 30 am to 9.30 pm

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