DOLCE by Dolce Gabanna

IMG_3271Dolce is now a significant scent in my perfume collection. It smells amazingly sweet of water lilies and a concoction of other fresh floral scent. I love the scent but right now, I am more in love with it – more than anything else. This bottle of love elixir was a gift by my favourite man on earth. It’s the scent of first love. Not exactly kind of sweet like candy but a sensual type of sweetness – both feminine and elegant.

I would have long gotten this perfume on my own but I was hindered by a Fresh salesperson in a Dutyfree shop at the Charle De Gaulle Airport, Paris whom believe that French perfumes are way superior than American-made ones. I wasn’t quite well-acquainted with this brand and naively trusted the salesperson. I’m pretty gullible, right? Who knows it’s an Italian brand? So instead of flying back home to Singapore happily with a bottle of Dolce, I bought home a bottle of Little Black Dress by Guerlain which doesn’t quite appeal to my nose.


Essentially, this perfume smells of fresh and bright green notes that is very uplifting.

Top Notes: Neroli leaves, Papaya flower
Middle Notes: White Water Lily, Narcissus, White Amaryllis
Bottom Notes: Musk, Cashmeran

There weren’t many other scents added to the perfume, which make it rather smelt like pure water lily, narcissus and white amaryllis.


The scent is very enticing and I wished it has a longer lasting power however floral scents with hints of green notes don’t really last that long. But it’s great in a sense that it doesn’t get too overpowering when you first applied it on your skin. The scent lasted for about 2 to 3 hours before it gets really faint, leaving only a slight trace of scent on your skin.


Dolce is definitely the best perfume I own thus far; beating Love by Chloe. You could say I’m bias but it’s true. This perfume smells of love, Sicily, lilies and purity.


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