Maybe it’s the haze or my change in eating habits. I don’t know what has got into me but my skin condition has changed drastically. I use to be pimple-free but now I’m suffering from breakouts every other week. It was only then that I decided to change my skincare products to suit my current skin condition which is still a combination skin type but it often gets very dry.

Laneige White Plus Renew Capsule Sleeping Mask

I decided to try out some Korean Beauty Products which are much raved about. For instance, Laneige’s sleeping pack was a hit but I find that their White Plus Renew Capsule Sleeping Mask was even better. I’ve tried their sample before and I really like it! So, this time, I went back there to purchase it. It wowed me with its deep moisturizing properties where I would wake up the next morning looking at my glowy skin. The skin would look so dewy and fresh!
There are about 16 capsules in one box which cost about $42 per box. That works out to be about $2 plus per capsule which I actually split into two or three portions as the amount in one capsule is quite a lot. So it is expensive? It is quite reasonable because this is way better than those $1 tissue masks.
It comes with a spatula for you to mix the formula in the capsule together and to scoop up the product.
Snow in a ball.
The product itself smelt amazing. It just makes you want to use it again and again.

Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream

So, after settling for the mask, I decided to swap my moisturizer for a better one. I walked into Innis Free, another popular beauty Korean brand which took Singapore by storm when it first open its outlet here. I haven’t witnessed its magic until today. I bought two products at one go – Volcanic Clay Mask and Green Tea balancing cream.
The Green Tea balancing cream was recommended by their staff there when I asked which moisturizer would suit my skin condition. Since my skin was dry, she recommended that I use a light cream based moisturizer instead of the gel-type which is not hydrating enough for my skin. But it turns out that the cream-based moisturizer is still too oily for my skin.
I kind of regret getting this product but it is a great product itself and it has a nice green tea scent.
This moisture cream is formulated for normal and combination skin. It is made from pure green tea extract so it smelt super fresh like green tea. The scent was really pleasant!

Innis Free Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask

The other product I bought was the Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask. I was asked by my beauty therapist to get a clay mask so as to reduce the occurrence of the zits on my face. It would absorb all the excess oil and sebum to reduce acne.
There was actually two version of the Super Volcanic Clay Mask. One is in the form of a jar and the other is the mousse type. The mousse type is the newer version and once again, I was recommended to get the mousse type as I was told that the clayey formula dries up faster in the jar as compared to the mousse formula. But the mousse formula was a little pricier than the older version of the mask.
It was easy for the product to be discharged from the can but the amount of product discharged is difficult to control. Because a single pump gives you quite a lot of product which could be applied to the face and all the way down to the neck area. Since you can’t pump it back, you got to use it all, right?
I would apply it thinly on my face, focusing on my T-zone area where it gets really oily. So far, it has controlled the occurrence of breakouts but I am still having zits every now and then, especially at the sides of my cheek. I had to literally visit my beauty therapist every week to do a thorough extraction which really hurts!
Since I spent more than $50 on a single purchase at Innis Free, I received this Whitening pore special kit for traveling as a free gift. I also decided to take up their membership since it is free anyway if you spend more than $20. With this membership card, I can accumulate points on my next purchase. That’s how they secure their loyal customers, I guess.
I received another free gift just up signing up to be their member!
Since I was pretty happy with my Innis Free buys, I decided to head there again. This time, I got hold of their Jeju Sparkling Mineral Essence which has been working quite well on my skin. At least, it didn’t worsen my acne problem.

Innis Free Jeju Sparkling Mineral Essence

There were also having a promotion. Every bottle of Jeju Sparkling mineral essence comes with Sparkling mineral powder and a sample-sized bottle of the mineral lotion.
The mineral powder is to be used after the cleansing step.
The essence comes out like a foamy-type of mousse which quickly dissolves into a watery essence. It absorbs very quickly into the skin.
Since I wasn’t satisfied with my Innis Free Green tea moisturizer, I decided to buy another moisturizer from The Face Shop which turns out to be really good!

Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Cream

This product was recommended by a colleague who mentioned that the rough bumps on her skin were gone after using this moisturizer. I believe that’s because the skin is less dry not and the oil sebum production is controlled. This sounds like a better solution to my current skin condition so without any hesitation, I popped into the store one Sunday afternoon and bought it. It’s certainly not cheap. It costs me $42 but at least it’s cheaper than high-end boutique brands. In terms of quality, I believe it’s better than drug stores because it is difficult to find a moisturizing cream that is oil-free, translucent and as a gel-type consistency.
This is an oil-free translucent cream provides hydration with chia seeds and sebum control with cotton seeds. Interesting ingredients, that is! Who knows that this tiny seeds could be applied to the skin as well. Chia seeds hold moisture 10 times their own weight and thus they help fill the skin with moisture while native cotton seeds control unnecessary sebum to maintain the skin fully moisturized. They use 100% chia seed extracts’ sap in lieu of water thus, it delivers freshness and works better to moisturize the skin. It is also not as watery as you think! The consistency is perfect! Also, the scent of the product is really enticing.
Another reason why I was psyched in buying this product is because it’s a green product. This product is made with environment-friendly techniques. This 100% pure, mild and translucent moisturizing cream protects the environment as well through an oil-free formula that uses low-carbon and environment-friendly techniques. What is low-carbon and environment-friendly technique? It is a special technique that does not apply any heat during production. It is an environment-friendly technique that minimizes the emission of carbon dioxide while perfectly preserving the efficacy of raw materials. Let’s give The Face Shop a resounding applause!
This dermatology-tested product has a formula without 7 additives (Paraben, benzophenone, artificial coloring, sulfate, mineral oil, animal sourced ingredients, and triethanolamine.)
I might be doing a vlog on my current skin routine once my acne frenzy has stopped. As for now, I gotta clock in more hours of beauty sleep!

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