Kotex LUXE : Our Guardian Angel

It still does bothers me when I am having a heavy period and my bedsheet so get stained occasionally. It’s seriously no joke to have your bedsheets stained as bloodstains are difficult to get rid of and sometimes it might seep into the mattress itself. That’s the worst scenario because you will be spending an hour trying to get rid of the stain.
I do use a bed lining where I place it over my bedsheet but sometimes it gets maneuvered while I was sleeping. Hence…
But your period days could be made happier if you invest in longer and more absorbent pads without compromising any comfort. I used to like thicker pads thinking that it could absorb more and faster but these days, the thinner pads are the more absorbent ones, giving you greater comfort at the same time.
I was tasked to review Kotex’s new additional member to their family of sanitary pads. And here’s why I think they qualify to be ‘my guardian angel’.
I’ve tried Kotex LUXE ultrathin in 24 cm for day and in 32 cm for night. You know, the packaging looked so pretty that I wouldn’t mind stashing the whole packet into my bag. Because it also comes with a drawstring where I could secure the bag of pads properly without having to empty it into another bag or box for storage.
The pads also comes into 4 different vibrant colours unlike the usual white pad packaging. So even if it slips out of your bag, it wouldn’t be too apparent to others that you are having menses right now.
“Oops! There’s my tissue paper packet that fell out of my bag. Blame it on my butter fingers!”
There are 3 wonderful features which makes this an awesome pad especially for the 32 cm long pads which is great for heavy flows.

There are 3 wonderful features which makes this an awesome pad especially for the 32 cm long pads which is great for heavy flows.

1.  Surround Lock Protection

The star-contour design helps to provide additional security and protectional leakage. This could really put your mind at ease. At least, you don’t have to fret about leakage.

2.  Honeycomb Liquid-Locker

This honeycomb liquid-locker at the centre of the pad rapidly absorbs and locks away fluid to keep your skin dry and comfortable.

3.  Ultra Comfort Cover

The ultra soft cottony cover gives your great comfort the day and night, making you feel comfortable, secure and carefree.
My verdict: I would give this a 9/10 because it didn’t cause me to have any leakages at nights and more importantly it fits snuggly. A point is taken away because the texture isn’t as soft and cottony as compared to other brands but the absorbency of the pad is good.

” The pad that will help you realise that overnight period leakage is never your fault. “

Kotex LUXE is retailed at $5.95 per pack.
For free sample redemption at Sample Store, click here. Alternatively, you can also request for a FREE SAMPLE on Kotex
Facebook page here.
For more information, visit Kotex Singapore website

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