Perfetti X Deenise Glitz : Sunshine

The weekends are the tiny punctuation marks in our story. Pause and breathe. In the office, we put on our professional and respectable guise of ourselves in formal wear. On weekends, we let loose a little and dress comfortably.
I’m not a pursuer of fashion and seasons. I hardly refer to fashionable personalities for inspiration because I truly believe in dressing for your own unique body type, personality and occasion.
My go-to weekend casual dates  outfit is a fitting top and denim shorts. Denim shorts are one of the most versatile pieces of clothes which every girl should own.
When it comes to outfits, I always ask myself ‘What would you like people to notice when the moment the first see you?’ Is it your bling-bling bag, red sexy heels, flower-print dress or golden hair? I would decide on a centre piece and tone down everything else.
If I’m going for yellow today, I would want my top to have no prints but made from a good solid material to show off its unique texture.
I was about to radiate out sunshine with the help of Perfetti. I had a pair of earrings and a stud bracelet hailed from South Korea and a bright yellow sleeveless top.


If you pop by Perfetti’s retail store at Raffles Place, you can get to view their full collection of pretty ear rings hailed from Korea. I was simply in love with this pair of earrings I was wearing!
Accessories are important to complete the overall look. They are your full-stops to make your sentences (or outfit) complete.



Visit their webstore or visit their retail shop at

Perfetti Shop x Blossom Floral Design

62 Collyer Quay 
OUE Link #02-06 
Singapore 049325 
Tel: 6634 2300

Quote my name ‘Deenise’ and receive a 10% discount off all items.

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