Teppei Syokudo @ Republic Plaza

Japanese food here in Singapore is as common as our local food like Char Kway Teow. There’s plenty options when it comes to Japanese food but if you are talking about the really good ones which are affordable and value-for-money, they aren’t many.
Last week, I was invited to try out what Teppei Syokudo has to offer. It follows a quick dine-in and take-away concept where you could get a taste of authentic Japanese food in a casual takeaway setting, just like those tiny food stalls along the streets of Japan that serves up good old traditional ramen or other Japanese dishes.
Teppei Syokudo is an expansion of Teppei, a Japanese restaurant popular for its omakase set dinners and barachirashi (sashimi rice) lunch bowls.
I brought my parents along with me so we get to try out a few dishes which includes Pork Katsu Curry, Saba Miso Bento and Kaisen Salad.
They do serve up some small bites like croquette, chicken, fish and vegetable fritters as sides. People do come in to do a take-away of these small bites.
They also offer Onigiri which are found at the counter. They look delicious and I wouldn’t mind buying a few to nibble on during lunch break but I decided to keep my stomach empty to try out their main dishes.
There are several seats available and it’s quite spacious for a small eatery as such.
For appetizers, we had vegetable fritter, cheese croquette and hokkaido scallop. Sadly, the vegetable has lost its crisp as it was probably fried a couple of hours ago. The cheese croquette was good though.
As the food there were mainly for takeaways, they use mainly disposable plates, cups and plastic containers.
Pork Katsu Curry
My mum had the pork Katsu curry which was served with nice fluffy white Japanese rice. But she said that the Japanese curry was tad too salty for her.
Saba Miso Bento
My dad has this Saba Miso Bento which I had to agree with him that it is pretty good! The fish was tasty and everything else that was added goes along with the white steamed rice and mackerel fish. I found that it is the most value for money bento here as compared to other set meals.
Kaisen Salad
I had the Kaisen salad which I thought it had cooked fish in it till I saw a pile of raw fish layered about the salad bowl. It’s ALOT of Sashimi for $16! A mixed of tuna, salon, fish roe eggs and other seafood chunks. But its freshness is something to be debated upon. The three of us have difficulty finishing the raw fish.
I only wish that they provide more lettuce and kelp to be pair with the fish chunks.
Overall, it was a little disappointing as the fried items were not quite crispy and fresh. But their service standards were good even if it is just a small eatery at the heart of the CBD area.

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