The Martian – Best Science-fi Movie of Year!

Watching The Martian on a super wide creen at Golden Village Max theatre at Vivocity really rocks my socks off! This movie practically hold you in suspense throughout the movie. It isn’t another feel-good movie or science fiction film because it is literally a well-made film injected with some humour and a whole lot of inspirational quotes. I left the cinema feeling so inspired and energized about life again. A good movie is one that sends across an important message that really stirs our hearts.

The movie was released a couple of days ago and it is a must-watch highly-rated movie!

The Martian is actually an adaption from the novel titled ‘ The Martian’ by American Author Andy Weir. Movies nowadays are turning books, one by one, into reality. It is not such a bad idea after all because a book is indeed like a movie itself. But images dubbed with words are more powerful than just merely words printed on paper. It’s so powerful that you could bring you into another zone where you get that full immersive experience when you are watching in the theatre with a wide screen and surround sound.

In short, this story is about an American astronaut, Mark Watney who he becomes stranded alone on Mars and how he made use of all the resources to keep himself alive till he was being rescued.This film, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Matt Damon and Jessica Chastain, was released in October 2015.

A simple story line but a whole lot of interesting scenes in the movie that keeps you on the cliffhanger. And if you are really into science, this will keep your brain running.
I was really curious as to how the movie was film so I did my research and found some interesting facts about the movie. It would also help you understand the movie a little better if you have not watched it yet.

About Mars

Mars is actually the fourth planet from the Sun and it has a reddish appearance due to the presence of iron oxide. And it is about half the size of our Earth!

“Mars, Earth size comparison” by NASA (image modified by Jcpag2012) – Images found in NASA. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons –,_Earth_size_comparison.jpg#/media/File:Mars,_Earth_size_comparison.jpg

Water cannot be found on Mars due to the low atmospheric pressure so in other words, no one could practically survive on Mars unless you are smart enough to create your own water like Mark Watney.

How scientifically accurate is the movie? 

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