AVEDA : Dry Remedy + Pure-formance Shampoo

After I went for a hair coloring session, my hair becomes really dry. When my hair is contact with water, it comes stiff and this plasticky feel. I was using those organic shampoos for normal hair back then so perhaps it didn’t really work well with my colour-treated hair so my hair frizzes up so easily. It gets messy even after combing. There was once when I went to church one morning and my boyfriend thought I just got out of bed without tidying up my hair. I had no idea if my hair looked exactly like a bird nest’s to him but to hear him say that, it was bad enough for sure.
Thankfully, I had managed to arrest the problem before my hair frizzes out of control. I was particularly liking Aveda Dry Remedy Moisturizing Conditioner and dry remedy daily moisturizing oil. And to witness maximum results from these products, I had to use it regularly on a daily basis. After a month or so, I felt that my hair is now more manageable. Albeit it isn’t silky smooth like udon noodles, it is softer and tamer – like a combed lion’s mane.
Aveda Dry Remedy Moisturizing Conditioner is suitable for dry, brittle and colour-treated hair. It has patented deep-moisture complex featuring buriti oil (derived from the fruit of the buriti palm trees) that helps hydrate hair. Like all other Aveda products, this conditioner smells amazing. It is infused with organic bergamot, lavender and ginger lily that leaves a natural herbal scent on your hair.
You will be tempted to use alot of the product but all you really need is just a 50cent sized-coin of product on your pumps. Gently massage from the lower mid-length of the hair. Give it some time for the product to work into your hair and getting its job done on softening the hair.
The Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing oil is another product which is part of the Dry Remedy series. All you need 2 drops to give your hair the necessary nourishment and shine after shower. I would apply this onto my hair ends up to the mid-length section while my hair is still damp and blow dry after. It isn’t very oily and it absorbs quickly when applied. I personally found it easier to apply it on damp hair than on dry hair. After a quick blow-dry, you will find that your hair has got that healthy lustrous shine.
Another Aveda hair care product which I’ve been using is Aveda Men Pure-formance shampoo which was recommended for my current sensitive scalp condition. I do have some slight redness on my scalp so this hair and scalp shampoo with a gentle cleansing formula works well to soothe any irritations on my scalp in particular. It works for those with an itchy or irritated scalp. Yes, we females could use Aveda Men’s shampoos too!
My only qualm is that it left a masculine scent on my hair. The shampoo has a rich, spicy and refreshing aroma of kunzea, citrus and certified organic essential oils of spearmint, vetiver, and lavender. Otherwise, it is a great balancing scalp shampoo and I usually alternate this shampoo with my other go-to shampoo.
It has a clear type of formula which does lather up quite easily. You will need about a 50 cent coin-sized of an amount for a good wash. Aveda’s hair products along with other natural and organic hair products really gives a different edge as compared to commercial hair products out there. It respects the nature of our hair and give it a boost rather than coating it with plasticky substances to make your hair smooth and shiny. Their products nourishes your hair with the REAL stuff. In this case, the credit goes to buriti oil, a brown scaly fruit found along rivers in Brazil.
What’s your remedy to dry hair? Share with me as I would love to know!

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