Aveda Stress-fix : Anti-stress pour la route

Christmas comes early this year! Have you ever wondered how does the custom of giving during Christmas comes about? According to the bible, it is customary to remind us of the gifts given to Jesus Christ by the three wise men. When Jesus Christ was born, the three wise men present him with Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh. I believe that God has blessed us with plentiful of gifts when the time he created the world. I guess this is how the tradition of giving has come about. Giving is also an act of appreciation. And of course, the thought behind each gift matters the most. 
Given that we are living in this fast-paced society where everything revolved around us is work,work and work, many of us are caught up in this busy cycle. Perhaps a good antidote is to pull them aside, take them for a good meal and tell them how much you love them. A gift to relieve stress on the road by Aveda would serve as a good stress-relief tool for them.
‘A gift to relieve stress’ Gift Set by Aveda consists of Stress-Fix hand cream and Stress-Fix concentrate. Both items are beautifully packaged in a recyclable box wrapped with a handcrafted green lokta bark paper which was pressed, dried and dyed in Nepal by indigenous people living in Himalayan forests. The lokta bark paper could last for a thousands years!

At Aveda, they believe in helping the communities, caring for the environment and changing lives of the people. And you could be supporting these families and preserving their land by purchasing this beautiful gifts. I guess this is the greatest holiday gift to these families living in Nepal.

The ribbons and packaging Aveda uses are made from post-consumer recycled materials.
Stress-Fix Hand Creme (100ml)
Some moisturizing cream for the hands that does the most amount of work for the body. We use our hands to feed ourselves during meals, to type on the keyboard and to hug and hold our loved ones. Time to show them some love.
Stress-Fix Concentrate – Stress-relieving aroma (7ml)
You can glide the aroma over pulse points. I would rub some on my wrist to breathe in the lavender-filled aroma. A great way to use this is to rub it down the neck with some pressure to release tension build up at the neck and shoulder area.
For this christmas, put a little more thought into the gifts. What would you be getting for your loved ones? From the content of the gifts to the packaging, each represent a word of thanks to the earth and our community.

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