Holiday Loungin’ with Made Real

We’ve come to the final chapter of 2015. Have you look back and read about how much you’ve accomplish this year? I simply couldn’t wait for 2016 to come where there’s going to be some huge changes happening in my life. There might be a lot of uncertainties though there may be insurmountable problems to overcome, I guess I am strong enough to move forward.
As for now, I just want to leave in the present moment. Like, right now. Nourishing myself with my breaths and nutritious food. What’s in my snack cabinet this month are the little packets of treats shown right below.
It seems that Made Real has thrown in an extra treat for us. There’s margarita granola, semi-dark chocolate chunk cookies and mojito wheels found hidden in this snack box. And the cookies are crazily delicious.

Semi-dark chocolate chunk cookies by Spatula and Whisk


Mojito Wheels by Daily Juice


Margarita Granola by Eastern Granola


I know my mum wouldn’t let me play with my food but art makes everything more desirable. I mean, don’t you want to eat those tree branches too?


You don’t have to eat those snacks alone as you can use it as toppings in your breakfast bowl.

It’s been a struggle these days to eat clean but these snack boxes makes it a little easier to encourage myself to be wiser in making food choices.

Are you struggling with food choices too?
I would love to hear you.

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