Just Bin It!

Finally, after so many years, Golden Village Cinemas has stood up and raise the red flag – ‘just bin it!’ It’s always such a painful sight to see so many popcorn boxes and paper cups lying on the floor after everyone has left the cinema.
If you leave your trash below your seat and plan to throw them after the movie, do remember to do so! Perhaps, it might be effective if there is a voice echoing around the movie theatres that goes ‘ JUST BIN IT! PICK UP YOUR THRASH! ‘ It would serve as a reminder to all movie goers to clear whatever rubbish they have left.
It isn’t just about reducing the workload of the cleaners working at GV but it is about playing a part to keep the environment clean. Whether it is the park, cinema, stadium, school or office, we shouldn’t have this mentality that there will also be people who will pick up our litter after us. Besides, it really reflects a lot on our attitude towards our own country or so-called ‘Clean and Green’ City.
Let’s work together towards a more loving and caring society. This is especially so when we ourselves are adults and I feel the strong need to set a good example for the younger generations. Let’s just BIN IT!

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