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Lucozade Sport

Our nation is getting fitter. That’s for sure. Looking at the rise of gym membership and how crazy gym goers (like myself) can be. We want to eat clean and train like a beast just to be lean, fit and sexy.
There are also more isotonic drinks for sports enthusiasts available in the market now. Lucozade Sport, the No.1 sports drinks drink in the United Kingdom has finally hits the stores in Singapore. It is specially formulated to improve hydration with an effective combination of carbohydrates and electrolytes which are lost in sweat during exercise.
This drink has a refreshing orange flavour. It isn’t too sweet and gassy like other isotonic drinks.  I prefer non-frizzy drinks because sometimes the bubbles can really make you burp. Oops!
Thank you Lucozade Sport! The dumbbells come in handy.

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