Made Real SG : Ma Première Boîte


Healthy snacking has really been made so much easier since the start of this year with the variety of options available. I don’t even need to hunt for it when it just magically appeared right at my doorstep (that could very well happen to you too!)
Here’s how could go about doing it:
Step 1 : Visit Made Real Singapore.
Step 2 : Click ‘Get Your Box’
Step 3 : Order a box for yourself. There two options available : biweekly or monthly.
Step 4 : Wait patiently for a box embossed with a kissable lips to arrive at your door mat.
Step 5 : Ration your snacks over a period of 2 or 4 weeks (depending the options you chose)
Step 6 : Love the snacks? Surprise your loved ones with a box of goodies too!
I don’t know about you but I always think it is always more fun to surprise someone else with a goodies. Call it a stress-relief, exam-care pack, welcome pack, gift box or love goodie box – whatever you call it, someone’s gonna be grateful as to how much you care for their health and well-being. I mean, hey, this beats sending time a box full of sodium-laden chips right?

For this October, I had a pleasant time unpacking all the goodies. It’s such a pity that you can’t get it anywhere else – not in your local grocery store or iHerb – only at Made Real SG’s kitchen. 

What’s in store this month?

Dehydrated citrus rings

I could have these citrus rings every morning! There’s a hint of sweetness in it to brighten up your morning.

Peanut Butter Apple Slices

The apple PB combination has always been the BOMB for me. Check out these apple chips! I was sobbing after all munch away all the apple crisps. Could I have more please? Oh wait, remember? Healthy eating is all about keeping a balance. Don’t let greediness override you.

Trick or Treating Trail Mix

There’s really something magical between cranberries and dark chocolate. They just go so well together. It’s like experiencing sourness in your mouth in one second then the sweet bitterness creeps in sets off the button in your body to release serotonin. Talking about a continuous chain reaction!

Granola by Made Real X Sistersfield

The homemade granola made by our wonderful sisters in Singapore. I think they make granola taste like honeystars minus the processed sugar. 
These made perfect toppings for my oatmeal so I practically threw everything into it and this is how I roll.
What’s next, Made Real? 
I am secretly mediating at my door mat each morning.
I mean, this is just the beginning.

Use code ‘ DEEXMR’ to enjoy 10% discount off your first subscription box. 

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