Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi : An Electronic Foot File for Smoother Feet

Which part of our body do we pay attention to the most? For women, it has got to be our facial skin, followed by other parts of the body. The first thing we notice about the person is their face and less so on other parts of the body. It is probably less so on our feet. They are hidden away from our sight most of the time, covered with socks or shoes. But our two feet are the ones that bring us to places to enable us to lead fulfilling lives. They’ve worked so hard that it is time to pay some attention to them.

Do you do pedicures frequently? I personally don’t as it is already a hassle to visit the beauty salon and hair salon to maintain my skin and hair condition. And if I have to visit the nail parlour every month for pedicures, I am going to be broke in no time. Well, we could do DIY pedi at home but it often takes time. A more efficient way, as I’ve discovered recently, is to rely on Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi, an electronic foot file for smoother feet.

It is a battery-operated device which helps you to remove and file off the dead skin cells off your feet effortlessly with just a touch of a button. You no longer have to use the traditional foot file to file your feet like sandpaper to remove all the dead skin. This little gadget here will do all the work for you.

This is the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi starter pack that comes with a cover for the head and 4 AA batteries which are already inserted into the gadget.

That is the switch on and off button. All you need is to turn the grey metallic ring to switch on or off.


The roller head can be changed when needed after using it for quite some time. The Replacement Roller Head is washable and replaceable.

Press the side eject button to remove the head when it is time to change.

The foot file is battery-operated and 4 AA batteries are already included in the starter pack. But you need to remove the red tab to allow electricity to flow through and activate the batteries.


Once the batteries are in, the gadget is ready to be operated.

Let’s put this electronic foot file to the test!

My feet, to begin with, didn’t have too much dead skin as I’ve just did a pedicure a month ago using a pumice stone. But it was quite painful and also ticklish at some points. There are still some areas which require some filing.

(Not too sure why the soles of my feet suddenly have yellow patches near the toes. They say it could be due to the presence of toxins. But thankfully, the yellow patches are gone.)


The ball of my foot is usually rough as it is one of the major contact points to the ground. If I choose to neglect it, the calluses will build and thicken up. That’s when cracked heels happen.


Surprisingly, there wasn’t much sensation as I thought it would be a little ticklish or painful with that roller sanding down my dead skin. But there wasn’t much sensation or any pain. It glides smoothly across the foot and the tool was easy to use.
However, it does take a little bit of time to file all the dead skin away to reveal smoother feet as the electronic foot file works gently to file off the dead skin. And during the filing process, you can see the remnants of the dead skin flying all over the place, like dust. 

Oh, look at how much dead skin debris get settled on the electronic foot file itself! Because of this, you might want to do it in the shower but your feet has to be really dry before using this product.


The dead skin layer has reduced and my foot feels smoother. This is the best time to slather some foot cream or moisturizer to moisturize the soles of your feet. 
Overall, I find the tool itself is very easy to use but it does take a little time to file the soles of the feet if the dead skin layer is thick. Also, it does get a bit messy so I suggest that you could do it in the shower area.
Beauty begins at your feet.
For more information, visit Scholl website.

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