Teathos: Organic Matcha


If I have a selection of tea to choose from a menu, I would go for green tea. But there are several types of the green tea with Matcha as the highest quality of green tea. That explains why a small packet of matcha powder can be quite costly. It is actually finely-grounded tea leaves from Camellia sinensis plants. It’s brilliant green colour is retained as it is stored away from light and oxygen. Matcha is high in antioxidants and it provides a multitude of benefits from losing weight to boosting memory and concentration. This is such an amazing superfood so how could anyone miss out on that?


Teathos, a tea company founded in Singapore, has just established this year releasing their first newly found treasure – organic matcha which is sourced from Kyoto, Japan. The matcha powder has a very fine texture which could be mixed easily with hot or cold water to be served as a beverage. It is also perfect for making matcha-flavoured food items like cookies, ice cream and lattes.

I made my own matcha soy latte with the Teathos’ matcha and it turns out great. It could be quite difficult to source for good matcha in Singapore. Previously, I used to purchase matcha powder when I am travelling in Japan. I am heading back again this December and I can’t wait!


Green Tea Soy Latte Recipe (vegan-friendly)

Soy milk
Coconut milk (optional)
Matcha Powder
Sweetener (coconut sugar, agave nectar and etc.)

Boil about 200ml of soymilk in a pot gently for till the milk bubbles slightly. I added about a tablespoon of coconut milk for a creamier texture. Transfer heated soymilk mixture immediately into the blender and blend the milk to create the latte foam. There are several ways to create the latte foam. You can create the foam using a blender, latte whisk, tea plunger or simply through vigorous shaking. It is also important to heat up the soy as I find that the milk foams up easily when it is hot.

Then add about half a teaspoon into the cup and add about 100 ml of hot water to dissolve the matcha. Then pour the soy foam into the cup slowly. You can get creative with latte art at this stage but it requires some practice. I watched latte art videos on YouTube for inspirations and it can be really fun too!


Matcha Nice-cream

Another way of incorporating matcha into your diet is to blend it with frozen bananas to make smoothies or nice-cream (aka banana-only ice cream).

Coconut milk
Matcha Powder
Frozen Bananas
Any of your favourite toppings

I find it easier when I add a few chunks of banana into the blender one at a time. If I toss all the frozen banana slices into the blender, it requires alot of effort from the blender to blend it up and over time it can cause the machinery in the blender to wear out even faster. If the blender gets jammed up with the frozen chunks of banana, I would add some soymilk, a little at a time. Scoop out all the creamy goodness into a bowl once you are done and topped it up with your favourite nuts, seeds or fruits.

Thank you Teathos for the organic matcha tea pack!

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