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Tefal Fruit Sensation : A Compact and Powerful Blending Device

I actually bought a new Philips blender not too long ago but I realized that I didn’t actually need such a huge blender as I only blend small portions of smoothie for myself to drink. So I decided to sell it and purchase the Tefal Fruit sensation which was my next best option after the Philips blender. It also turns out that the Philips blender isn’t as powerful as Tefal’s. Should I have known earlier, I would have bought the Tefal Fruit Sensation (BL142A42) ! The market price for this blender is about SGD109. I bought this set during the recent Audio House Warehouse sale for $109. It is really a good buy because it is easy to wash and user-friendly. The only downside is the heavy glass jug that weighs quite a bit but it’s good to invest in a glass blender which are meant for blending ice. At least, this is more compact and lighter than the Philips blender. It costs more than the Philips blender even though it is half the capacity but it’s worth it I guess – for its good quality and powerful machineries.
It comes with two other smaller container (mini chopper and mini grinder) to puree or chop up food into smaller pieces. According to the website, you can use the mini chopper to mince garlic and onion and the mini grinder, for grinding coffee beans and nuts.
The blender also comes with a recipe book which you could use for reference on how to make smoothies and soups.
It has a capacity of 600ml which could serve about 2. For me, it’s just perfect for one. All parts are dishwasher compatible. And there’s two speeds with ‘2’ being the stronger mode, made best for crushing ice cubes.
It has 4 blades unlike the other version of blender which only have 3 blades. It is not only faster in blending but more energy-efficient too. 
Today, I made chocolate soyshake with the Tefal Fruit sensation. 
Chocolate Soyshake Recipe
2 tablespoons of Cocoa powder
1 tablespoon of Macca powder
1 tablespoon of Chia seed
1 tablespoon of flaxseed meal
1/2 banana
1 cup of soymilk (sweetened)
The mixture turns out to be even and it take less than 5 seconds to get everything blended up.
The blades could be detached with just one click and it could be washed separately. 
I am really loving this mini blender and it works even better than U-Like. I highly recommend this blender over other brands if you are looking for something compact such as this!

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