bSoul: Respect Your Skin By Not Feeding it with Plastic!

Ladies, there’s so much more you need to learn about your skin! I always can’t seem to grapple the fact why our skin condition can be so unstable. One moment you have clear and smooth skin and the next moment, there are pigmentation spots and mole hills of pimples and bumps. Dermatologists and beauty experts preach about their own unique solutions, claiming that each works effectively. Sometimes we focus too much on the potential of the product and less so on the process or the usage of the products. In one way or another, skincare products should be used to enhance our skin conditions and maintain a healthy balanced skin and not to worsen it. And I am really glad to have attended a skincare seminar by bSoul on the prevention and treatment of pigmentation. They’ve invited bSoul Principal trainer and skin expert, Martina Bindi to shed some light on skin pigmentation and other skin problems.
Let me burst the misconception bubble of yours first because pigmentation isn’t always associated to aging and it, in fact, could start in your twenties!
Martina started the seminar with the introduction of the skin and the importance of cleansing the skin without stripping off all the sebum on our skin. Yes, sebum isn’t always acne-causing. Sebum actually functions as a sun filter and moisturizer. It also acts as a protective film layer of the skin. Thus, cleansing products that strips off too much of the natural skin oil can cause dehydrated skin. Respect your skin! The skin is constructed in such a way to be healthy on its own and all we need to do it is to keep the skin in balance and respect the way it functions.
We also learnt about melanin production increases in response to protect the skin from DNA damage. Whether it is due to the sun or environment, the moment your skin experience a trauma or damage, pigmentation increases. This form of pigmentation is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
So if you have pigmentation even though you’ve applied the sun block religiously, it could also be due to the fact that your skin is under some kind of a stress.
Interestingly, do you also know what our skin has a natural defense ability against the sun? We wouldn’t need much sunscreen if our skin is healthy and is able to restore on its own. But then again, if our ozone layer continues to thin out, we would have to rely on sunblock. It’s funny how we all think that we need a certain product when actually our body is already made perfectly to withstand any environmental stresses on its own.
Matrina also introduces the bSoul product range which an organic vegan-friendly skincare branded made from Italy. It does not contain any of the ‘plastic-ky’ ingredients which other skincare branded contain. The product formula helps to restore the skin potential naturally so that it can function healthily. It gives respect to both the skin and the environment. This eco-friendly phytoceutical cosmetic line is rich in certified active ingredients and contains no parabens, silicones, petrolatum, paraffin and SLES. There is no testing done on animals.
bSoul has products suited for the face and body. I’ve tried their face products and really like how their redness-sinergy serum work on my skin to soothe the skin. This time, I’m reviewing their body products.
Martina also did a product demonstration on a participant here and do you know that bSoul has their own facial ritual too? And I will be trying out their treatments at one of the beauty salons here in Singapore so stay tuned!
I tried bSoul’s Hydra Cell anti-cellulite body cream and Sublime cell oil to review. Both products could be used in sync to combat cellulite problems. The hydra cell body cream helps to improve microcirculation and metabolism of the subcutaneous layer. I’ve been using this after shower and it also moisturizes my skin. Unlike other anti-cellulite creams I’ve used, this cream doesn’t product this burning sensation so it does not bring about any discomfort.
The sublime oil is a concoction of essential oils which helps in moisturizing and fighting cellulite. It absorbs very quickly into the skin.
I find that my skin has softened with the use of the hydra-cell cream and sublime cell oil. Not sure if they have the function of ‘softening my fats’ but it did made my skin at my calves and thigh areas to be smoother than before. I would probably have to combine the use of these products with regular massages and exercise to witness greater results.
The next bSoul product I reviewed is bSoul Eye Contour Gel cream. But it looks more like a gel formula to be and I really like that fact how the product comes with a metal roller ball which cools and soothes the delicate skin around the eye area when applying the product.
I’ve got droopy eyes so I was wondering if this eye contour cream would help to give it a moisture boost and some lift but it works more like a eye hydration cream to pump up moisture on the skin at my under eye area. It is a good eye product as it isn’t too rich for my skin and it works well as a daily eye cream. While the roller band helps with the blood circulation, the product itself didn’t specifically target at lightening dark eye circles.
So ladies, choose your beauty products wisely and remember, respect the skin! Give it time and love to let your skin heal healthily and naturally.
For more information, visit bSoul Singapore website.

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