Christmas Gift Ideas : Lifestyle Gadgets

This season of giving is going to be particularly challenging for me. It becomes progressively more difficult to think of a suitable gift idea for your family and friends knowing that most of us have the economics means purchase what we need and desire. Unlike back then as a kid where all I wished for is to own a new Barbie doll or the latest Polly pocket set. So another than asking ourselves ‘What would they need? ‘ as a guiding question to narrow our gift choices perhaps we should be asking ‘What could I get to enhance their current lifestyle?’ Because sometimes we do not really know what we really need or want till we discovered the benefits of a product and found it compatible with our lifestyles. Even if you got really no clue on what to get for your bosses, colleagues or friends, you will never go wrong with lifestyle gadgets that improves the quality of our lives.
Below are some lifestyle gadgets you can consider.

1. Power Dot (World’s First Connected wearable sports muscle stimulator)

This gadget is pretty legit. It isn’t just for sports enthusiast but for people who generally want to tone up. This gadget is so similar to those body toning machines which I’ve tried before at slimming centres where electrodes are connected to your muscles to stimulate them to work. You just have to watch the video below to witness it yourself.

2. Jaybird X2 (Micro-sized sweat-proof sport Bluetooth earphones)

It produces a superior audio quality and provides 8 hours of music and calls. It also provides maximum comfort when wearing it.
Photo credit: Jaybird

3. Pebble Time (Smartwatch)

Some technology geeks says that Pebble watches are better than Apple watch in terms of functionality. I am glad that I am able to do a review on Pebble Watch so that I am able to share how cool this watch is with you guys. I do not know much about smartwatches but my brother do so I got him to test out the watch.
Pebble currently has 5 variations of smartwatches and this product I am reviewing right here is Pebble Time. It has an always-on color e-paper display with LED backlight and has Up to 7 days battery life. It is also water resistant up to 30 meters.
It is both android and iPhone compatible which makes it more versatile than Apple watch.
After using it for about a few days, I was surprise to hear from my brother that the Pebble Time watch is pretty cool and what really attracted him the most is the buffet of apps available on Pebble. He was showing me how the watch could turn instantly into a compass. He also talked about a multitude of other functions which can be performed by Pebble Time e.g receiving Whatsapp and other social media notifications, taking pictures with the phone and etc.
The only bad points about this watch is the buttons which requires a little more effort to press them down. It is not very friendly for those with fat fingers.
The packaging is kept really minimal and thumbs up for that as waste reduction should be the way to go. A small instruction manual is provided along with the USB cable for charging.
All other information and details are stored in the app. It is really cool to have your mobile phone capabilities all stored into a watch. Very soon, we will be using our smart watches to tap our MRT gantries.

Pebble Time is available at Challenger, EpiCentre, City Chain, Sprint-Cass (Changi Airport), Decibel, Moby, Courts, Busybody and Mstation.
Had an idea on what to give to your loved ones? 

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